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Alternator Replacement- A Quick Guide For Alternator Replacement

If you own a car today, then you would use things like lights, music system, AC, stereo etc. all these run on electricity and for them to run perfectly well, the battery needs to be charged. It is the work of an alternator that charges the battery when it loses the charge. It is driven by a belt attached to the engine. It works as a machine consists of the stator; a set of wire coil windings, there is a rotor revolves once the car has been started.

There is an ammeter present in the car which shows how much electricity is being generated and the battery status is shown on the battery indicator. 

Benefits Of An Alternator 

High output

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The speed of rotating is very high, which gives, in turn, the higher output and maximum efficiency.

Weights less

The weight of alternator is quite less, which takes less space and saves weight in the car.  

Maintenance is less

Compared to other parts, alternator requires less maintenance, and the need for Alternator Replacement is very less as compared to other parts

High audio power

You can enjoy your favorite songs at excellent volume and for long hours as the alternators are capable of working to implement efficiency.

The Right Time For Alternator Replacement?

car lternator Replacement

All the aspect or sign that help to recognize the right time for Alternator Replacement acknowledged below-

Dim headlights

The easiest way to figure out whether the alternator is not functioning when you notice the headlights getting dimmed.


Weird or dragging noises is another sign of weak alternator

Indicator light

Most of the vehicles nowadays come with indicators which instantly shows that the battery is going down. If you notice the warning sign on the indicator, you must go for alternator replacement.

Operating problem

The windows tend to open slowly, and the windshield turns slow, then the problem is with the alternator, and it’s slowing down speed. This is a clear sign depicting that your car needs an Alternator Replacement.

Electrical failures

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Most of the car’s equipment work on electricity, if you notice problem with operating power windows, air conditioning, car’s radio etc. then you get to know that there is a problem with the alternator of the car.

Engine stops 

The engine of the car stops abruptly while driving; the fuel injector needs enough amount of electric power which the alternator finds challenging to supply.

Dead battery

If alternator slows down, the power of the battery is used, and as a result, the battery loses its power.

The Potential Ways To Maintain Alternator Are Acknowledged Below-

  • Alternator, when taken care of, will function properly
  • Leakage problem in fuel and a tight belt can damage the alternator.
  • Get a test on the charging system in the alternator to check the voltage of lights.
  • Pick the right alternator of a famous brand with at least a 1-year warranty.
  • Despite maintaining the alternator, the Alternator Replacement of the car must be done once in a year for better performance of the car

A List Of Standard Parts That Use Alternator’s Power Are Mentioned Below

  • Headlights

  • Dash lights
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Power windows
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric fans
  • Radio
  • Music player
  • HEI Ignition
  • Electric water pump
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Air suspension compressors

If you notice problem in any of the above-mentioned parts of the car, then its an indication that there is some issue with the alternator. Contact a professional mechanic for this work. Choosing the best alternator is very important for increasing the life span of the car and avoiding spending time in Alternator Replacement. Here are some criteria which you need to determine when purchasing an alternator. A few points are mentioned below, which work as a checklist in buying the perfect alternator suitable for your car.

  • Prepare a list of electrical components running in your car such as stereo, ac, etc.
  • Analyze the amp needed for the car
  • Choose an alternator which exceeds your need of amp for the car. The amp should neither be too big to fit your pocket nor too less for your car not to function.
  • Get the servicing of the car done and ask the technician regarding tips to select a good alternator.


With all these points into consideration, you would be able to find the problem with the alternator and go for replacement or repair before the problem aggravates. Make sure that you contact an authorized, experienced and certified mechanic for this work.

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