The Talent Acquisition Process will Experience a Major Shift with AI

AI has become the talk of the town. It is now entering the world of human resources and recruitment and going to transform the way recruiting is done. The advancement and application of AI in HR are going to bring in a lot of innovation. This will make the job of recruiters easier and faster eliminate the need for time-consuming activities like manually screening resumes.

Fact Alert

According to Forbes, 44% of CEOs and CHROs believe that AI can upgrade the Talent Acquisition Process and enhance Talent Retention.

Today, the most challenging role of the recruiters is to attract the top quality candidates. Talented candidates are creating a war of talent in the organizations as they have the superpower to choose the company they wish to work in. There has been created an intense competition among recruiters to pitch in the best candidates who can serve outstandingly to the clients. Let’s introduce you to all the challenges that recruiters face while the process of talent acquisition-

  • Attracting suitable candidates
  • Engaging best talent
  • Hiring swiftly
  • Adopting data-driven recruitment
  • Building a powerful employer brand
  • Ensuring an excellent candidate experience
  • Recruiting equitably
  • Fabricating an effectual recruiting process

With the arrival of AI in recruitment, the practices of a recruiter will experience a major shift. Talent acquisition will become easier and everything will be automated with the smart AI integrated software.

  • Targeting worthy candidates– The whole process of targeting worthy candidates will change as AI will be able to scan the resume of the candidate and his/her online presence.
  • Boosting engagement with recruitment platforms- The smart recruiting platforms will be able to engage with the candidates with the help of video interviews.
  • Improving online application- Recruiters will have a database where they will be able to track the applications using the keywords. It will be easier for them to choose from a large pool of talent.
  • Speeding up the initial selection procedure- AI will speed up the whole process by matching candidates, contacting them, conducting interviews, and sifting through the resumes.
  • Maintaining a level playing field- Candidates will have to build a shining resume along with maintaining professional relationships to get selected for the interview.
  • Intensifying sourcing & outreach- AI will make sourcing of candidates a cake walk. It will collect sufficient data from a plethora of candidates to identify the ideal fit and form a personalized connecting with the candidate.
  • Renovating interview process through AI technologies- All the questioning and interview processes will be done via AI technology. The interviews will become a little challenging for the candidates.
  • Vetting for character- There will be AI tools to determine whether the candidate is going to be honest or not. They will be able to assess whether they will expand the business or not.

AI in recruitment is creating a revolution. It will benefit both candidates and recruiters and experience a trend that will be adopted by every organization. Gear up and subscribe to the TopCHRO now to get all the necessary updates for AI in recruitment.

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