amla for fair skin

Amla Is Good For Human Body

Indian gooseberry is something which is very beneficial for human health. It is popularly known as Amla and Ayurveda knowledge says that Amla for fair skin can provide a lot of health benefits to an individual if they consume a right proportion of it on a regular basis.

Amla enhances the food absorbing power by balancing stomach acids and it also fortifies the liver. Not only that, it nourishes the brain and supports the heart. One can consume Amla for fair skin in many ways. They can either have amla dust or amla juice at a particular portion or mix it with water to consume or else they can have Amla ka Murabba in Hindi which is a very sweet and tangy homemade thing to get the benefits out of it.

Gooseberry Origin

Amla for fair skin

Indian gooseberry actually belongs to the euphorbiaceous family and the fruit ripens during the season of autumn. This is mainly found at the hilly areas and is also considered as a sacred tree in India. Though the fruit is very nourishing the taste is bitter and sour. The dry and fresh fruits have their own sets of benefits. This fruit has been used as a thing to treat people since ages. It was widely used in Ayurvedic treatments which were very popular in ancient India. Gooseberry has a lot of Vitamin C content in it and it also has minerals, calcium, iron, and carotene along with some powerful antioxidant agent.

There are many health problems that are mainly caused by oxidative damage and if one can eat something which has a huge amount of antioxidants in it then these damages can be prevented or can be easily repaired. That is why; amla is said to be a very powerful tool to prevent various types of cancer.

Here Are Some Amazing Health Benefits That One Can Have By Using Amla for fair skin.


  • It is a very common known fact that amla is very good as a hair tonic. It enriches the hair pigmentation and leads to hair growth. It also strengthens the root of the hair and improves the luster of it. One can apply fresh Amla for fair skin juice on hair roots to get amazing and shiny hair in return. As amla has a lot of iron and carotene it stops the free radicals to damage the hair follicles and the hormones that cause hair fall.
  • If you drink Amla for fair skin juice on a regular basis then it can help you to improve your eyesight. It keeps the eyes healthy and also prevents from getting cataract at an early age. It strengthens the vision by preventing night blindness as well.
  • Amla has a lot of calcium content in it. This helps to keep one’s bones and teeth stronger. By having amla on a regular basis, one can prevent joint pains and diseases like arthritis.
  • It also improves the digestion capacity of a human boy by keeping the digestion tract clear.

One can get Amla ka murabba recipe in Hindi from Indian cookbooks.

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