Quartzite Countertops

3 Amazing Benefits Of Quartzite Countertops That You Probably Didn’t Know

Quartz worktops are an excellent alternative to existing options like marble and granite. It is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

When it comes to choosing kitchenware or bathroom ware, you would like the things to be lasting and durable. Remodeling of the home areas is often a big project, and you may also wish to achieve the most economical solution. There is no shortage of choices though. But while options like marble are quite costly, others like granite may not offer you the qualities you seek. One mineral and solution that solves all your miseries and woes immediately is quartz. Unlike other materials, quartzite kitchen worktops are manufactured in the industry through heating and compression, and its intentional manipulation helps it possess many qualities that you may seek in your countertop.

Why you should opt for the quartz countertops

Quartzite Countertops kitchen

As the mineral is prepared in an industrial process, the manufacturers add to quartz certain polymer resins and other substances for imparting it a wide range of colors and beneficial properties. You may thus buy a quartz worktop that resembles marble! The naturally occurring mineral is abundant in earth’s crust and is quite affordable. It is one of the hardest minerals, and the countertops made of Quartzite will serve you for a generation and even more.

Durable and long-lasting

The hardness test of all minerals is measured on the “Mohs” hardness scale. Quartz surpasses hardest elements including granite and is also having lesser permeability. Marble may face the problem of etching, which is again not found in Quartz. Further, the mineral and its countertops, worktops and kitchen tops made of it can even resist high temperatures and scratches.

Least maintenance

Quartzite Countertops  kitchen

You do not need to spend anything for servicing or maintaining your quartz kitchen worktops. You can wipe the whole surface by using a pH balanced soap, and as the material is nonporous, any of the spills and leakages do not spoil its surface.

Cost and affordability

The quartz countertops offer you all the benefits of marble, and much more, but at a lower cost. While they may cost more than the laminates and the wood countertops, their astounding longevity and durability make them a preferable and cost-effective option in the long run.

Choose your favorite color

 The quartz countertops and kitchen tops today come in a wide range of hues and colors but mostly person likes the white color and Also, does the install the white club quartzite worktop in his kitchen. And you can also choose a perfect solution for your existing home decor as the manufacturing related flexibility allows the producers to bring you a wide range of Quartzite designs and patterns. You will love to have such an efficient solution that also improves on the existing functionality while making any setting look more beautiful. Further, quartz is also capable of resisting the harmful UV rays of the sun and hence the material and worktops made of it retain their looks of a more extended time.

The indestructible quartz countertops also come to you along with a warranty. They are non-porous and hence keep your home areas free of bacteria to up to 99.9 %. Check them out.

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