Animal Crossing New Horizons – 8 Useful Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Animal Crossing New Horizons Since March, players have discovered a lot of very cool game methods, so today will bring you some very cool skills.

  1. Camera view

Go straight to the first top-down camera view. If you want to get the elusive top-down camera view, this is basically a bird’s eye view. There are two ways to do this, first you need Hide in a place where something or your character is basically invisible to get this camera view, the first way is to turn on the terrain forming tool of this color, if you need this top-down view, it is more valuable than it Trouble, this is an easier way to get some fences and equip them, if you are in your current location, you will get this very neat angle, no matter what you need.

  1. Place the mailbox accurately

Of course if your character moves back to the field of view, the camera position will be restored. You can only get this top-down view in certain places. It’s very cool. It reminds me of old rpg games. It’s cool if you like to shoot. Photos and New Horizons, once you are able to move your mailbox, this is for you. You can put it in your inventory and take it wherever you want to get a cool angle for your photos, you need Place the mailbox exactly where you want to take the photo and time it correctly so that the photo comes out what you like to display on the screen. This is a good way to keep a neat photo, but you need some good timing, or you can Then press and hold the screenshot button, and then take a screenshot to take a video. You can get some very neat screenshots in this way, some of which you may have seen on the Internet, you may also want to crop your character and mailbox, so they Will not hinder the beautiful scenery, you have taken away the third-ranked dream visitor.

  1. Click the most recent dream of the passport

Once you have connected the same nintendo account, you will need to use the nintendo switch online application, you will be able to access the new horizons part of this application from here, you can now click on the recent dreams of the passport, you will not only see your recent visits You will see the number of visitors you have visited on your own dream island.

It’s very cool for people who often use the Dream Island feature, and if you want more people to visit their island, you can track how many people visit their island as a reward reminder, see the island of your dreams, where you are You can submit your dream code to our dream code, and you can also find a bunch of other great codes there.

  1. Store diys

Storing diys There are a large number of diys lying around your island, even in your house. Don’t worry, because you can’t store DIYs properly, the only real option you have to use spare parts is to sell them, but sometimes it feels a bit like selling them when others might need them Waste later, instead of leaving them messy on your island, you can actually use a trick to store diys. It’s not super fast, but it can work. All you want to do is put your diys on the table or next to it. On your table, then you open the tools in your island designer’s menu and click on request to clean up. This will send all the items on the nearby table to the recycling bin.

Although this is a bit annoying, Nintendo should allow storage of DIY, which is almost the only real way to store them. You can do the same with carrots if you want, but don’t forget them because they will still rot in the 5th recycling Station prediction.

  1. News forecast

Any TV you own will display the news forecast, the morning forecast will show the weather of the day, and the afternoon forecast will show you what will happen tomorrow. This is very useful for predicting the weather. There are more complex methods to do it through the website. at this point. Because you can use the content in the game to predict the weather is very useful, if you want to build your dream island at a certain time, or even want to find a rare sila camp in the rain before continuing the video.

  1. Campground

The crossing board is an animal crossing new horizons magazine, created by a group of fans who are really passionate about this series, which is displayed in their beautiful little fan magazine, so it is really a must-have for any animal crossing enthusiast, if you If you want to get the village of a certain village, you need to subscribe before September 1st, UK time. If you want to get the sixth issue of the Villager Hunting Magazine in September, a campsite may be a good way to be a camping villager. When visiting a campsite, they have 60 chances to become a personality type you don’t have. This makes it much easier to find a specific village. It can definitely help you if you want to get a 7th you have been looking for like me. A transparent point, you can use the transparent pattern on the ground to prevent the production of flower fossils and weeds. Bells ACNH will help you have a fun time in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  1. Use amiibo card

Generated on top of the pattern, so you can place all of these where you don’t want anything to appear, like Eve is exactly where I want it, so this is a good reminder for people playing like this, The villagers who bullied you didn’t actually do anything to get them to move out of your island, as in previous games, and they completely wanted to leave your island after being hit 500 times by the net head, but it’s not honest Said that the best way to move out villages seems to be different at all. The best way to move out villages is to use amiibo cards, or to be honest, just wait patiently for more skills to move people out, but because they are more complicated, in Bullying is discussed in this technique. I hope it can save you a little time. Never bully the villagers. If you open the closet of the village, they don’t deserve to have a ninth villager. It will actually laugh at you for giving this villager some clothes. This is a very cool little detail.

  1. Personality Type

When it comes to new horizons, variety is very important. You may know that certain personality types will give you certain responses, and you need all personality types to get all the responses available in the game, but this will also affect some of what you will eventually get The best way to DIY is to make sure that there is a variety of each personality living on your island. It is really the spice of life in Animal Crossing. This is the best way to ensure that you have unlocked as much as possible in the game. , Who knows that even if you have been playing for a few months like me, you may still miss something, even if you don’t know that all those villagers have as many personality types as some of them. If you need to buy animal crossing items, is a reliable website.


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