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Point Checklist: The Need For Buying ASUS Refurbished Laptop

The need for buying ASUS refurbished laptop

With new technology up-gradations happening day-in and day-out, it becomes even more difficult to buy a laptop. But economic resources grow at their own pace, making it difficult to support this decision of going with a brand new laptop. This is where a refurbished laptop can offer you the convenience that you were earlier missing out on. Recently, we have seen ASUS gaining momentum in the race of leading laptop manufacturing brands. Their laptop already has that standing apart factor in terms of innovation and built quality. Although, many people have apprehensions about getting their hands on refurbished laptops. But when you buy from a reputable reseller, these doubts turn out to be unwarranted. Moreover, you get to save a few hundred bucks as compared to when buying new. This is another reason to favor ASUS refurbished laptops. If we determine the demand for ASUS laptops either refurbished or new, a significant increase is there. 

Let’s try to understand the advantages of ASUS refurbished laptops: 

Brand: ASUS laptops have garnered a lot of attention as market leaders as most corporate users preferred to buy such a refurbished laptop. This is due to its impressive specifications and innovation factor. Since corporate go for upgraded tools and enhanced features. All this contributes as an assurance towards the credibility of the product as well as the refurbishment procedure. 

Multi-stage evaluation: Certified resellers pass all these devices through a proper refurbishment process before making it available for customers. During this process, they take care of all the prior problems with the device, if any. Refurbished laptops pass through various checkpoints and quality assessment tests to ensure smooth running. 

Economical option: If we look at the general trend, they usually mark refurbished laptops at 80% less than the brand new one. This additional cost of new devices is escapable by opting for refurbished ones. But we need to keep in mind less cost doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. 

Performance factor: A refurbished laptop gives a new-like experience. As a certified refurbisher make sure that these devices are running smoothly. They have a reputation to maintain in the market. Plus, warranty benefits provide us with the guarantee that these devices will function smoothly. Therefore, no need to harbor any qualms about the performance of refurbished devices post refurbishment process. 

Warranty: This factor provides the customer with the necessary motivation to go ahead with the decision of buying a refurbished laptop. Remember, even a minimum warranty is better than no warranty. It provides us the necessary assurance than the device is properly tested and repaired. If still any shortcomings arise, the customers can get hassle-free repairs or resolve them with the resellers. 

Easy resolution: If you opt to buy from a reputable reseller, they will try to make the purchasing or repairing process easier for the customer. The time and cost involved in mending the issues will be significantly less. Whereas, the time lag in case of reporting an issue and resolving the problems with a new laptop is much longer at times. 

Utility: This is also an important deciding factor behind purchasing a gadget. You can easily choose between the refurbished and brand new debate based on your utility. If you need these laptops for schools, NGO’s, for small business use or basic computing at home. Refurbished devices rank better on the cost-benefit analysis parameter in such cases. These can help you justify your needs without affecting your pocket. 

But some disadvantages are also associated with buying refurbished laptops, which are as follows: 

Outdated configuration: This is quite obvious if the device isn’t the latest model, then it will lack the updated hardware specifications. Simply take motherboard, it being an important component of the device can lead to some problems in the long run. Similarly, if the latest software or operating system may not be compatible with your refurbished laptop. 

Damaged hardware: At times resellers have to restore these devices to new-like glory. For instance, the device wasn’t well-maintained by the prior owner and supports many damaged parts. Hence, it is important to check these devices carefully. Although certified resellers may avoid selling such devices. But we can’t say anything about all the other mediums refurbished laptops are available at. 

Final thoughts:

While choosing a side between this battle of new and refurbished can be a dicey proposition for some. Nonetheless, it’s a matter of personal preference. But we can’t deny the affordability and comparable attributes that refurbished laptops provide. Therefore, don’t hesitate in buying refurbished devices if you get similar features and aspects. 

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