Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress – A Completely Organic and Eco-Friendly Product

The mattress is made of a combination of wool, organic cotton, latex, and traditional coils all gathered in a tufting technique, which makes it stand out in design a

The best is different than the others in many ways. And the Avocado mattress has proved it with their totally different and innovative approach in designing the mattress. The mattress is made of a combination of wool, organic cotton, latex, and traditional coils all gathered in a tufting technique, which makes it stand out in design and comfort. The presence of latex makes it a durable choice in the world of mattresses. Latex is a tough material, actually makes the mattress sagging proof, and do not age in that way with time. What is even better with Avocado mattress is that it comes with a 100 days trial period, which is free to use period. Unsatisfied users can send it back to the seller and get a full refund. Overall, it’s a good natural mattress as per the Avocado mattress review that comes with such a nice offer and is also fit to be placed on an adjustable base.

Take a free trial

Take a free trial

This is a fascinating thing about this mattress that it’s available with a free to use trial period of 100 days. You can feel the mattress only after you have bought it and received at home. Hence, this makes shopping a mattress online a daunting task, especially if it’s your first mattress buying experience. But to make things easy for you, the company offers this trial period. If you are unsatisfied, you can return the mattress to the company, and take back the entire price amount as refund. This shows the transparency of the manufacturer and their way of customer dealing. And surely the offer itself makes the organic and natural mattress a reliable purchase.


Construction Mattress

Supportive with natural latex and springs combined together, where natural cotton and wool are also used as the materials, the mattress truly is a natural mattress. It’s the apt mattress for those who seek eco-friendly, organic, and natural products only, and would not like anything artificial and chemical about what they use. The mattress is a better option than the box packed mattresses simply because of its use of natural materials in the making. The latex used is anti-microbial and does not allow growth of microbes. Also, the feel and touch of the mattress do not give any allergies or discomfort because it is chemical free and free from irritants.

Very much affordable

affordable Mattress

Even after using the best organic materials from the most natural sources in the making of the mattress, it still comes in a very easy to afford the price. Not only it is eco-friendlier than the urban memory foam mattresses but also costs 2 to 3 times lesser than those mattresses. Hence, it’s a sensible eco-friendly natural chemical free option for better sleeping.

Finally- About the company

The makers of the Avocado mattress boast about making eco-friendly products. The company is GREENGUARD Gold certified. And this indicates how holistically they are making their natural organic, eco-friendly products to surpass all stringent tests of pollution and VC emission. The cotton used in the making of the mattress is GOTS, and OEKO-TEX certified. Totally a company for human welfare, they are also pledging 1% of their profit for the nonprofits who are working for the environment.

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