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Importance of Backlinks For SEO And How To Get Them

Getting more backlinks for your site is a well-known necessity for SEO purposes.

Getting more backlinks for your site is a well-known necessity for SEO purposes. Even the entire method of Link Building is centered around the study and procuring of backlinks for your site. It’s important to know, however , that not all backlinks have the same value – some would guarantee a faster success and better ranking, while others might even harm the reputation of your site in the “eyes” of the search  engines. Further,  backlinks from certain high authority domains such as .gov,.edu and other domains with high PR are more valuable, and we’ll explain about that in a minute. DOE Training  is vital to build your SEO muscles, grow your organic traffic strength and pump up your conversions and sales.

You probably already know that getting backlinks from gambling/adult sites for a normal site will give you a bad result, but did you know that some domain names are considered more authoritative based solely on their TLD? That’s because in the search engine’s algorithms , links from government sites(.gov) and certified educational facilities mean quite a lot more.

If you think about it, it does make sense – something has to be very useful or important if a government agency or an educational institution posts a link to it. However, this creates a window for us to use – if we get links from such places, it would make our sites more authoritative.

Can we really get backlinks?

To most of you, this idea probably sounds ridiculous. How would you even be able to get a link from sites which are in most cases static and even if they aren’t , people think there’s a very slim chance of getting a link from the CIA’s website for example.

First, we need to clarify that some .gov sites have blogs which means that getting a URL from there wouldn’t be as difficult.  They’re run by government officials, often for the reasons of social programs – creating jobs, subsidizing small businesses, family planning and so on. Due to that fact, there’s a high chance that you’d be able to easily get a link from them.

Also , if the website you’re getting the backlink for has done work for the government, in a government contract, you can ask them to post a press release and avail from the backlink in it.  For example,  if you want to optimize your road construction company’s website, and the company’s done government contracts, this can be used to your advantage.

Tourism sites, as strange as it seems, are often hosted on .gov domains, which means that it might be even easier to find the backlinks you’re looking for , especially if you’re in the travel niche – that way they’ll not only be more valuable because they’re .gov, but also because they’ll be relevant to your niche.

Ways to get backlinks?

Apparently , getting the links themselves won’t be that difficult, but getting the sites with a .gov domain which may be suitable for this purpose is going to be hard.

Luckily, with the help of Google, we can type in a very particular search string that will unravel a great many options for us.

So fire up Google in your browser, and type :

site: .gov  inurl:blog “post a comment” 

As you can see, there are 81 400 results ! For a person who has probably thought getting .gov blogs was impossible, this should feel astonishing, at least !

We’ll admit there’s a tricky part, though – not every one of these blogs will allow you to post your homepage as a URL, since obvious spammers have made this practice mistrusted.

The key here is after you visit the blogs,  when you post a comment with the site URL in the homage field, to make sure that you’ve contributed to the discussion with your comment. If that is so, it would be an organic comment which will hardly even be considered for penalizing.

Knowing the above easy method of procuring backlinks from .gov websites and blogs is good, and it can also be used to find .edu websites – just replace .gov with .edu and you’re all set and done.  Good luck with your SEO endeavors, and keep in mind that one .gov or .edu  backlink may be worth more than a 1000 .com backlinks. If you have any other queries you can send fax online by using email to our staff.

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