Basics LinkedIn Powerful Social Media Platform

Basics of LinkedIn as a Powerful Social Media Platform

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Find ways for customers to reach out to you on LinkedIn by making it ready and available for them.

Social media has become a lifeline of any business out there. Today, it is mandatory for businessmen to leverage social channels to their advantage and reach a global audience. The way IPS USA is able to reach its audience; it is definitely winning customers as we speak. Follow the company page –IPS USA

A global or local audience, both keep a close eye on your social media presence on popular platforms. And, LinkedIn is one of them.

When you power up a room, it becomes functional. Similarly, social platforms act as power generating units for businesses in modern times. To function successfully, entrepreneurs need a thought-out plan for LinkedIn, and if they don’t, it won’t be easy for them to progress. People have their eyes on you and you don’t want to disappoint them.

Social media marketing (SMM), as well as content marketing, are two of the interlinked concepts. One supports the other and compliments in the best interest of the business and its consumers.

LinkedIn is not just about connecting with colleagues but it has much more to it!

I explored and researched the Internet for more information, and after hours of research, I found enough evidence to declare LinkedIn as a goldmine for sales. The customers fly in when you know the right way to find them.

Transform Your LinkedIn Company Page to Attract Customers

Transform Your LinkedIn Company Page

Instead of letting it sit idle and collect dust, turn it into a sales machine where products and services sell like there’s no tomorrow.

Does that idea sound charming enough?

Let’s find out ways to turn your LinkedIn page into a sales destination.

Why LinkedIn?

When you see the hustle and bustle around social media today, generally, LinkedIn appears to be a quiet comparison.

The tides may not be high enough on LinkedIn as Instagram or Facebook, but it breeds users with strong professional grounds. Therefore, the chances to sell on LinkedIn are happening and very real.

Everyone’s on Facebook and Twitter! Snapchat and Instagram are popular among teens and older adults.

So, why LinkedIn?

It is a B2B networking hub. Forget about searching for the next job because organizations use it to reach out to professional outsourcing companies like IPS USA to get their work done.

That’s only one example, as there is a long list of reasons for its popularity among the business community.

People on Facebook are talking to friends and playing games. On Twitter, the same theme plays along with the addition of influencers!

LinkedIn is one single platform that connects you to businesses. People likely join LinkedIn as professionals who are in a mood to sell. Moreover, they want to sell their skills, services and/or products.

B2B lead generation is a gift LinkedIn optimizes on. Promote your chances to find long-term business relationships on it.

Find IPS USA on LinkedIn if you are looking for a BPO services provider nearby.

I am not saying you can’t leverage sales services on other platforms, but I am just referring to the underestimated and hidden potential of LinkedIn.

What’s the Purpose of a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is something on which you can sell your products or services. In plain words, it is your place to talk business!

Since you can’t transform LinkedIn to an outright sales page, it is best used for lead generation. Lead generation based on the concept when people take the first step to message your business.

The ultimate goal is to maintain a profile or company page which addresses the needs of your customers. In this way, they won’t hesitate to reach out and break the ice.

When you know more about your business, you can post about things that matter the most to customers.

How can you learn more about your business?

The Layout of an Ultimate LinkedIn Page

Ultimate LinkedIn Page

Search the web, and tons of articles shall appear to help you with your profile page.

Follow the steps and I’m sure you’ll come up with a page that leverages customers and becomes their strong center of gravity.

To walk you through it, you have to start from the top and go down to the bottom.

Your Headline is Where You Draw First Blood

The headline is the one that is directly under your name.

As users going from page to page, the eyes admittedly, fall upon headlines. That is where you make the kill.

It appears in searches and the “People You May Know” section.

Anyone who visits your profile is a potential customer and you want to come up strongly to them.

By default, the headline is set to your current job title. Job title, as the first impression, is sort of a buzz killer. Make it more interactive, one that speaks to your prospect in a self-explanatory way.

The visiting person knows what he can expect from you before even learning about your or your company.

In short, the headline symbolizes your skillset and everything about you in a few words.

Make it count!

Get their attention and draw them in.

For the Love of Business

As an entrepreneur, startup or veteran businessman, go ahead and don’t be shy to write about it in your headline.

Tweak the Summary Section

linkedin Love of Business

Use bullet points to mention every benefit you can offer to potential customers. Don’t underutilize this section and think big like a businessman.

Instead of writing long paragraphs of description, use 1 or 2 line segments and craft that section with a beautiful yet logical outlook.

Most company pages on LinkedIn follow the same pattern as we just discussed for profile pages. These strategies only unclog the flow of customers looking for the right person or business to interact with.

With all the relevant information added to the fields, not many turns are left for the user to get out. If the prospect is able to skip one part, they may feel intimidated by the next.

It has to be a web of opportunities where the prospect willfully falls into a trap. In simple words, he loves it and falls for it.

We will continue with more information on this topic in future articles.

How do you attract customers to your business on LinkedIn?


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