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5 Steps To Boost Your Website Traffic Through Social Media Strategy

When it comes to website traffic, every single business owner puts efforts by spending time and resources on social media in the hope that someday they’ll be able to uplift the search engine rankings. But do really social media have an impact on the website’s ranking? Do those likes, follows, and re-tweets helps to place a specific web page or website on the tops of SERPs?

However, for some business owners, the connection between social media and SEO is not clear but SEO does play a significant role in powering the website’s online presence and further ranking it on #1.

Want to seek social media buzz for your business website? Let us take you to the insights of social media to leverage its benefits for generating more audience engagement and traffic for your website in 2019.

  1. Identify the Right Channels

Social Media Strategy Channels

If we talk about the year 2018, the social media platform that gained maximum popularity was Facebook with around 2.7 billion users followed by other networks like Instagram and Youtube.

Yet the figures are on the rise and will continue to grow, the question arises that how will you drive these numbers onto your website? Before choosing the platform, it is very essential to determine your goals first. For instance, if your brand is focused on products or information then platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be the best option to drive more relevant audience. And if you own a business-oriented brand then the LinkedIn network can be more suitable to reach the potential audience.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Creating multiple social media accounts is not a big task but optimizing them on a regular note is vital for better brand recognition. Want to know how to optimize your profile for SEO?

Consistent Bio On Every Platform: Having a consistent image and relevant business bio on every social media account can be interesting to attract the audience and getting the brand recognized.

Include Relevant Link: Add the links to the website, email newsletters, and sign up page in the bio itself.

  1. Post Updates

Post Updates

Crafting the quality content is not enough as on what time and how frequently you post it is also necessary. So, it is highly recommended to make the most out of the post scheduling tools like Buffer so you don’t miss to draw the attention of the relevant audience.

Moreover, you can use the click-to-tweet tool that gives you ready quotes, headlines, and links to just click it and post on your social media accounts.

  1. Point To Your Social Media Accounts From Your Website

One of the best ways to broadcast your social media existence is to add social icons linked to your profiles on your website. But make sure to place them prominently so that visitors can’t neglect them whenever they come to your site. Moreover, they should be designed to be easily recognized ensuring quicker access to your account on social media handles.

  1. Build Social Media Following

Having vast social media following is not a problem but focusing on the quality audience than quantity can help you much more than you can imagine. So, find the right audience for your brand and take time to build relationships as annoying them for links can lead to one-off engagement rather than longtime partnership. Furthermore, creating informative and engaging content, targeting the right audience will help your site as a whole to rank superior as a result.

This is how both social media and SEO works together. SMO is not all about posting content on social accounts but it is also vital to stay active to analyze your audience and their needs. So, these discussed above strategies can be implemented to convert your leads into potential customers. However, if you are unable to implement these social media strategies and other on-page factors to meet your audience’s needs then you can easily find the best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh who can help you gain valuable links and rank your content and site better than before.

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