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What Type of Content Writing Services Do You Need?

Not all content is created equally. It is a misconception that content writing is synonymous with blogs. Thus, before you hire an agency for content writing services

Blogs and Articles

A blog and an article are not the same. A blog is an informational platform that helps educate the website’s readers and creates engagement. It may follow a casual or formal tone. 

Articles can also follow a formal or informal tone. However, they may also be published on offline mediums such as newspapers, magazines or journals. Articles are written to target a wider audience than blogs and may be factual or opinionated.

Press Releases

A press release is a document sent out from your brand to members of the media after an event, product launch etc. It covers information such as what the event was, who attended it, where it was held and other important snippets. A press release must also be accompanied by relevant images. The idea behind sending out such a document is to increase awareness about your new product or the event that was conducted. 

Social Media Content

Content does not always have to be long-form. When it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, you may need just a few words but these words have to be well-written. Each of these platforms also has different guidelines to be followed for publication. These guidelines are different for normal posts and sponsored posts. 

Product Descriptions

Content Writing Services

E-commerce brands need specialized content writing services to promote their product and explain its features and specifications. Writing product description can be quite challenging as the writer needs to present all the relevant information and make it sound interesting. These descriptions also reflect the brand’s voice. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing

As the name suggests, SEO writing is used to increase your website ranking on search engines. This involves writing content for webpages and blogs based on specific keywords. Choosing the right keywords is an important part of online marketing strategies. Good SEO content ensures that keyword is used sufficiently but not too many times and that it flows with the rest of the content. Stuffing too many keywords into an article can actually have a negative effect on your brand’s ranking. 

Curated Content

Many times, you may need to put out information about your field of expertise that is not specific to your brand. In such cases, the information will need to be gathered from various sources and organized into fresh content. This is known as curated content and is a very popular type of content requirement. 

These are not the only types of content writing services that you can use. A content writing agency can also provide you with content for technical whitepapers, manuals, newsletters, eBook and reports. They may even be able to help you with regional content, translations and transcriptions. 


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