Top 6 Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Wear A Hijab

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Wearing a hijab is a matter of choice for Muslim women. 1st February is celebrated as the world hijab day and this blog is just to give women a little encouragement who are thinking about putting a hijab on but are sort of sitting on the fence or don’t have the full courage to do so. Here are some beautiful reasons as to why you should wear the hijab.

IT WILL HELP STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND: A lot of women who wear hijabs accept that it strengthens your mind and personality. Once you start wearing the hijab, you will start noticing little changes in your personality and at the end of the year; you will be able to appreciate how much you have changed for the better.

IT SHOWS THAT YOU ARE A PROUD MUSLIM: Islamic clothing like the hijabs lets other people know that you are a Muslim. When you wear the hijab, you become an ambassador for the faith. The media has sort of created an image about Islam which isn’t correct and when you’re wearing the hijab and people know you are Muslim is your opportunity to change that idea in their mind.


YOU DON’T NEED TO WASH YOUR HAIR: Women who wear hijabs have their hair covered most of the time which eliminates the need to wash them now and then. In the end, you end up saving a lot of money on hair products.

YOU CAN STILL LOOK GOOD: This is a concern a lot of people worry about especially when you are young. There are certain ways of wearing hijab that looks fashionable. You will find plenty of hijab styles on the internet and you can play around with it and create your very own hijab fashion.

IT HELPS TO BUILD AND GROW RELATIONSHIPS: When you are wearing a hijab and you see someone else also wearing it, you have an emotional connection with that person. You kind of know what that person might have gone through and if not, you can simply approach them and talk to them as a friend. If it were a non-hijabi woman, it would be difficult to establish that kind of bond with that person.

IT EMPOWERS: Putting on a hijab every day, wearing it with pride makes you one fierce woman. When you wear a hijab because you want to wear it and not because the society asks you, which takes courage and shows that you are a force to be reckoned with.

These were the top 6 beautiful reasons why you should wear a hijab. I hope it encourages you to wear it if you are on the fence about it.


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