Posh wedding party

Top places to host a Posh wedding party

Banquets in Kolkata are just amazing in every other way. But what makes them so special is the adequateness and fancy designs all over the place. The following names are the top banquets in Kolkata.

1.   Club Verde Vista

Club Verde Vista is a lovely venue to host your dream wedding. It is a lavish banquets in Kolkata and there is a lush green lawn attached with the hall and is quite spacious.

You can easily have an overnight function and the staff here is professional in carrying out their respective jobs be it catering, decoration to any other service. Book here and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.


2.  The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel where you can host your wedding function. It is located in Park Street which is easily accessible. This banquets in Kolkata is well known for serving palatable delicacies in both veg and nonveg varieties to their guests. Also, the gorgeous interior gives a royal touch to your day. You can also get caterers and decorators from outside to serve you.

3.   Club Eco hub

Club Eco Hub is a perfect venue and an awesome banquets in Kolkata to celebrate many occasions such as weddings. It has a sprawling lawn and several banquet halls to make your wedding a grand occasion. You can have a diverse menu here and adding a cocktail will surely liven up the atmosphere. It also offers lavish rooms for the invitees for a comfortable stay.

4.   Ozora

Ozora is situated within Acropolis Mall. It has a couple of banquets in Kolkata and a terrace which you can book to host a wedding party. The venue has good connectivity of roads and is easily accessible. You will also receive amazing catering and decor services and they all will add charm to your event. There is also a studding chandelier and the inside of the hall is well furnished and nicely maintained.

5.   Scout Garden

Scout Garden is one of the most sought after venues in the city of joy which offers unparalleled services if you host any parties here. It has the capacity to host an intimate wedding and also an extravagant event as well. An expert team of chefs will pamper your taste buds with their amazing delicacies. It has ample parking space and also offers valet services as well.

6.   Jamuna Banquets

Jamuna Banquets is a perfect venue for your wedding celebration as the venue provides one of the finest banquets in Kolkata and also the services you will get here is impeccable. It has just the right kind of ambience for any functions. The decor team will surely woo you with their creative talents. There are no restrictions on alcoholic beverages.

7.   Tangerine Royale Banquets

Tangerine Royal Banquets in Kolkata is an ideal venue for small as well as a posh wedding celebration. It is one of the finest places to make a joyful memory of your life. The staff here will make sure that your guests have an amazing time with their warm hospitality. It is located on Ring Road which is easily accessible by everyone. Book here to have an enthralling experience.

8.   AltAir Boutique Hotel

It is one of the luxury boutique hotels in the cultural capital of India. The multilingual staff, modern amenities and personalised services make their clients feel more homely and welcoming. The venue hosts multiple occasions at the same time and you won’t have to worry about the time slots. The creative decorators, the inhouse chefs as well as the caterers will surely make your dream day come true.

9.   Emerald Banquet

It is one of the best multipurpose banquets in Kolkata. It is filled with contemporary interiors, well equipped with modern technology and the stunning interior surely gives a majestic look. This banquet hall in Kolkata also offers complimentary changing rooms, cocktails are also offered. Overnight functions are not an issue and there is also ample parking space. It is located in Newtown near NKDA Cricket Stadium

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