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Beautiful ways to wear a Hijab Fashion for Women

A Hijab is a veil-like garment worn by women to cover their heads. It is an Arabic term meaning layer. Hijab is an integral part of Islamic clothing as the Islamic religion requires women to cover their heads while dressing. It depicts etiquettes and modesty. Earlier the hijabs used to be just a piece of cloth used by women over their heads. But with time, the hijabs has seen many stunning designs. 

Let us talk about a few trendy hijab designs that you can adopt as a daily habit:-

  • Traditional Hijabs
  • Pearl Lace Hijabs
  • Pashmina Hijabs
  • Pagdi Style Hijabs
  • Turkish Hijabs

Traditional Hijabs

Traditional Hijabs fashion

These are the basic hijabs with a traditional touch which are generally available in black color. They are fit for regular use and office wear. Nowadays, they are available in other colors like blue, green, beige, etc. 

Pearl Lace Hijabs

Pearl Lace Hijabs fashion

The pearl lace hijab is one of the stylish designs. They are generally made of chiffon fabric and possess pearls on the border. The pearls generally come in a color, which is in contrast to the color of the hijab. Some also come with pearls all over the hijab instead of just the borders. They are really a class apart and suited for jovial occasions.

Pashmina Hijabs

Pashmina Hijab fashion

Pashmina is a simple yet beautiful hijab wear. They are very much similar to a stole. One part of the hijab is used to cover the head while the other part is left open till the neck with beautiful thread works hanging loose. 

Pagdi Style Hijabs

Pagdi Style Hijabs fashion

Inspired from the Sikh’s pagdi, pagdi style hijab is worn like a pagdi. It is worn in a folding way forming dual layers on the head and knotted from the behind. 

Turkish Hijabs

Turkish Hijabs

Turkish hijabs come with the most exquisite decorative styles. They are given diamonds on the head portion, which appears in the shape of a broad broader or hair band. They are the best pick for attending special functions, parties, weddings, etc.

A few other hijabs designs include woolen, Arabic style, layered styles and so on. You can choose to wear any of the above-mentioned designs to spice up your look. To add extra grace to your hijab you can wear them with beautiful headbands, bows or tiaras. Another way to complement your hijab look is to wear a colorful pair of earrings.

These days one may come across numerous designer and clothing stores, which have the best Fashion Hijab Clothing collection. They exclusively deal with Islamic clothing. They provide great designs and high-quality clothing options at the most reasonable rates. Besides garments, they also have good collections of perfect accessories to complement your look. The charm and beauty of Islamic clothing have made them quite popular among women in different parts of the world. Anyone who wants to buy Islamic clothes can visit an online store and make the required purchase.

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