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The Fashion Accessory with A Function: Belt Buckles

The belt buckle now has become a staple in daily wear, and its functionality slowly overshadowed by its use in fashion.

The usage of buckles was found dating way back to the Romans, where it was used to attach their body amour together, the accessory as we know it first came into function during the 1600s by British sailors who were then having difficulties fastening their clothes when bad weather at sea would leave them drenched and their clothes unfasten and though the button was recently invented during those times it was not enough to do the job, it was during this time that a sailor invented the first belt buckle.

The belt buckle now has become a staple in daily wear, and its functionality slowly overshadowed by its use in fashion. Their buckles made in all shapes and sizes and out of different kinds of materials.

Types Of Belt Buckles

According To Attach Types:

Screw closure: This type of buckle consists of a screw bar used for closure that makes it quick and efficient, providing good support while keeping you up with your appearances.

Clamp closure: A buckle made of two parts where one is bigger than the other. Used widely during formal occasions.

Stitch closure: A classic in formal wear, stitch buckles are woven providing you a unique adjustable belt.

According To Shape:

Single tongue: A single tongue buckle is a buckle with only one prong attached to its end.

Double tongue: the double tongue like the name suggests, has two prongs on its ends to hold the belt on the other end.

Double sides: Buckles that function on both ends of the belt are a great addition to your casual outfit for that extra punch.

Reversible: Double-sided belt buckles can be used on both sides, with the buckle designed to function on both sides. Often the buckle is adorned on both sides so as to have aesthetic appeal on both sides.

Double loops: These are easy to wear with two rings for the belt to loop around and fasten easily.

Clip buckles: The clip buckles use the functions of clips to fasten the belt.

Military buckles: Military buckles employ a unique press and release function which aids in the easy adjustment of the belt.

Auto grip buckles: Very stylish and with great holding strength, the auto grip makes for a durable and stylish buckle, that will get you through the day despite rough use.

Auto-Lock Buckles

Grip auto-lock buckles: Similar to how a zip operates, sewn into the belt’s underside, an array of teeth lock into a tab in the buckle.

Self-defense buckle: Designed to have more functions than your average buckle, the self-defense buckle is intended to assist one if a situation for defending oneself arises.

Auto-locking splice system: Using an interlocking splice system, the belt is joined to the buckle.

Military utility buckle: Often seen as a fashion accessory, the buckle functions close to an auto-lock type of buckle.

Auto latch buckle: The belt possesses a knob at its end which when attached to the other end would automatically lock it. A very convenient design!

Clip latch buckle: Utilising a clip mechanism, the belt buckle has a protuberance which when can be attached to the other end to fasten the belt.

The fashion technology has come a long way from the days of wearing uncomfortable corsets. The functionality of buckles has not declined, they are still relied heavily on not just for its functional purposes but also for its addition in one’s fashion accessory with buckles coming in different colors, materials, and shapes. Most belt buckles are made with plastics or common metals like zinc.

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