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What Makes Telegram Groups and Channels Cool and Different?

In this article, we are going to discuss what makes telegram groups and channels cool and different from all other apps.

What makes the telegram group and channels cool and different? Before answering this question let me tell you what is the Telegram, how it is different from all other apps and some of the best and unique features that you should know about.

Jumping to the Telegram, The telegram was developed by the famous brothers “Nikolai and Pavel Durov” and launched in 2013. Telegram is an instant messaging voice over IP service, which is running all over the world on multiple platforms such as WindowsNT, Android, macOS, IOS and Linux. Being a messaging application it is capable of sending and receiving text, music, pictures, documents, etc.

There are many instant messaging apps available on the android play store. You are too well aware of those but in this post, we’ll compare WhatsApp with Telegram and see how telegram is one step ahead than WhatsApp and what are the reasons behind lacking telegram?

Telegram and WhatsApp both run on the same principles, both are used as sending and receiving app but where Whatsapp allows users to send a limited amount of data which is about 16 megabytes which is small in amount where else the telegram is providing with a greater amount which is of around of 1.5 gigabytes on a single document. This is huge in comparison, this is the first aspect where Whatsapp is lagging behind.

Over that, Whatsapp can accommodate up to 256 members in a group but on the other hand, telegram can accommodate up to 200 members in a normal group and after max capacity reaches admin might switch the group to a supergroup. Where a normal group holds up to 200 members in a group, A supergroup can accommodate 200,000 members in it, isn’t it amazing, you might create your community on telegram while in the case of Whatsapp it is not possible.

Telegram groups have many more features that we think you might know and make use of every day. There are several other aspects where Whatsapp is lagging behind we’ll discuss that too down in this article. For now, we’ll discuss the features that telegram is providing and talk upon them in brief.

Highlighted Features Of Telegram Groups

Telegram has a lot and lots of features that might blow up your mind, some of them are quite interesting too. we’ll discuss a few of them and if you want to know more about the left feature visit the official site mentioned above.

  1. Reply
  2. Mention
  3. Reply/Mentions
  4. Supersize

1. Reply

As if we discussed above the capacity of a group, in a group of 1k plus members it is really difficult to reply to a specific person. Telegram has its unique group feature where one can reply to anyone specifically in a group without putting much more effort. To reply someone specific simply swipe left the text to whom you want to reply, enter the desired text and hit send. With this feature, you can reply to anyone in a group, even if the person has muted the group, he’ll get notified.

2. Mention

Telegram group allows members to mention anyone within the group in their text which automatically sends the notification to the mentioned person instantly for there involvement in the current conversation, even if the person has muted the group chat.

3. Reply/Mentions

It’s not possible to stay online all day and mostly during the offline period we fail to get notified about the mention and messages in the group. The problem we face is that we couldn’t find where those mentions are in the chat so to solve that telegram introduced “@” feature which will help you to see those mention and message which you fail to read. to do so simply tap on the “@” button right above the message bar.

4. Supersize

As we talk about the supergroup above that it can accommodate up to 200,000 members, which is ideal for creating a community sharing your thoughts and ideas among all and to host such large groups telegram helps the admin with some special admin tools to create peace within the supergroup.

Telegram Channel: The Best Free Message Broadcasting Platform

There are several other platforms available such as WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram and many more which allows a user to broadcast and share their view and thoughts among all. And if we talk about the telegram, the “Channel” feature is most commonly used as a broadcast medium to spread the message to a large audience. It is similar to a normal telegram chat screen but no one can reply to the message made in a channel. They can read but not allowed to make a comment or reply to that post, over that no one can like or dislike the post too made in a channel.

Telegram channels are not limited to broadcast only there are several other features that telegram channels possess such as telegram bots feature which help in work automation and content exploration. There are plenty of telegram bots designed to perform a specific process or task and with the help of these bots, large groups and channels are taken underwork. some of the most famous bots which are taken used commonly are :

  1. Storebought
  2. BotFather
  3. ControllerBot
  4. LivegramBot
  5. VoteBot
  6. Giphy GIF Search
  7. Telegraph
  8. InviteMember

All these bots mentioned above will help you to do several tasks such as creating an HTML formatted post with the reaction button, comment section and over that attach media to the post. It allows you to schedule posts time and date over that self-destruction timers to delete the pre-existing posts as well and many more.

Telegram Channels Features

  1. Unlimited members
  2. Sending capacity
  3. Pin Post
  4. Public/private channels

1. Unlimited members

As we have already discussed above, the telegram channel can accommodate up to 200,000 users which is probably a huge amount but it might exceed its limit also to accommodate more users to the channel.

2. Sending capacity

Usually, if we see other instant messaging apps there is a limited size fixed for sending a file such as for Whatsapp it is around 16 megabytes and for Instagram, it is 50 megabytes for videos and 150 megabytes of Schedugram. But where other apps limiting in megabytes Telegram is exceeding in gigabytes, it is around 1.5 gigabytes which telegram is providing hence there is no issue of sending large files over telegram.

3. Pin Post

Most of the time while in a group it happens that users fail to read the important messages or notations posted by the group admin, over that it’s very hard to find the posted notations within the conversation or we say, get difficult to search the desired results. in such cases, the pin post feature plays an important role in directing the audience to the desired post.

4. Public/private channels

Telegram has two types of channels: public/private. The public channel or group is open for everyone to join whereas the private one needs an invitation link or admins manual acceptance. Once you join the group or channel you can access its features and take advantage of such channels.

Difference Between Telegram and WhatsApp Groups

If we compare Telegram and Whatsapp to each other in similarity both are instant messaging apps used for sending and receiving messages, pictures, media files, and other sorts of documents and both have a web version for carrying messages and conversation forward from any device. Both offer message delivery confirmation and receipts list to the users but in case of Whatsapp users can switch off the read receipts feature.

Both the apps offer group conversation features but the telegram has a greater accommodation capacity as compared to Whatsapp. Where Whatsapp has 256 group member capacity the Telegram leads with 10,000 group capacity.

Where WhatsApp hosts up to 16mb of file-sharing capacity the telegram hosts up to 1.5gb in this aspect we can say that telegram provides a better experience to its users. If we talk about usage mode WhatsApp provides a low data usage mode which comes in handy where the cellular network is a weak or limited amount of data is left by the user.

Telegram had chatbot which might ease the work for the admin, there are different types of a chatbot available in telegram which is programmed to operate unique operations within the group where Whatsapp is in the process of developing chatbots API’s.


Well, we have tried our best to cover all of the aspects that we think you might know about. In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding Telegram, telegram channels, telegram groups, and a little bit about telegram bots but if you want more information about telegram bots, visit its official web page at there is all information regarding telegram bot and their uses we highly recommend you to have a look there once. At last, we have also compared telegram groups with Whatsapp groups to see the differences where Whatsapp or telegram is lacking. But after a detailed analysis, we came to know that Telegram is lacking in some aspects but if we see the overall structure Telegram is one step ahead than Whatsapp. if you like this post make sure to drop a comment down below and let us know what you feel or think about this post or telegram.

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