Say Goodbye To Ads & Pop Up The Best Free ad blockers

Every time when we rush to search for things on the internet, we often end up wasting our time watching annoying ads. Online ads are not only annoying but, they also can be dangerous for your privacy.

Various online ads contain viruses and malicious actors that may infect your device or sometimes steal private data.

Therefore, to prevent things from being extra aggravated, it is suggested to use the best ad blockers. In this blog, I will list down the best ad blockers that you can try in 2020.

However, before moving ahead on the subject let me just tell you that when you install and activate ad blocker then most of the free content sources will not be displayed on your browser.

Still, there are many benefits of using an ad-blocker because it increases your privacy and stops websites to track your online activities or invade browser privacy.

Ad-blockers and anti-tracking software both are great tools for defending your device security plus, they also save your bandwidth and prevent malware and other malicious attacks.

There are various types of ad-blockers available including apps, and extensions. Some ad-blocking software works great with android only, while a few work well with both iOS and Android.

Below, I am outlining the best ad-blocker that you can install in 2020:

Best Ad-blocker to install in 2020

  • Proper Blocker for Chrome

The Proper blocker for Chrome is a dedicated Chrome ad-blocker that notifies you whenever it blocks an ad. It usually blocks everything from pop-ups, overlays, scroll-ups and etc. This ad-blocker is quite smooth you can browse the web effortlessly without any interference.
Moreover, it is not a very multi-functional extension, in fact, it is used for a single purpose that is to block pop-ups and annoying overlays. But I am ranking it on the top because of its effectiveness.

  • AdBlocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate is a great extension that works well with various OS including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This extension is best for almost every kind of online ads. It also blocks unwanted ads that appear while watching a YouTube video.
However, Adblocker Ultimate takes time to be completely set up or installed on your PC because it scans your entire system at the first. The best thing is that you can use and install it for free.

  • uBlock Origin

If you’re looking for an ad-blocker that doesn’t slow down your browsing session then uBlock Origin is all you need. This ad-blocker works without using many of your system’s resources and therefore, it doesn’t slow down the speed. It’s a lightweight ad-blocker extension that enables you to select from a list whichever ads you want to block including banner or video ads. You can get it for free from Chrome Store. I will also suggest it because it also prevents your system from various malware and other trackers.

  • Adult Blocker

The adult blocker will be a perfect ad-blocking extension for the parents who want to control their kids’ online activities. This ad-blocking extension enables parents to block various websites that contain adult or intimidating content for kids.
Such software requires monthly fee however, Adult Blocker is a completely free ad-blocking extension that works for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

  • Adblock Plus

You can get AdBlock Plus for free from Chrome Store. Unlike other ad-blocking software, AdBlock Plus is very different. It only blocks ads with trackers or malware and enables websites to show some secure ads so that the websites can earn a little revenue. The best thing about AdBlock Plus is that it is based on an open-source code that allows you to alter it and add more features into it.

  • Fair AdBlocker

Just like its name, Fiar AdBlocker only allows fair marketing ads to be displayed other than that it blocks all the pop-ups, overlays,  and other dodgy ads that attempt to attack your device. It doesn’t contain any blocking list,  in fact, it works with an algorithm that detects and only blocks disreputable ads. To download Fair AdBlocker, you can move ahead to the Chrome Store.

  • AdGuard

AdGuard is a versatile, subscription-based ad-blocker that runs on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. You can also use AdGuard on your mobile and desktop to block unwanted online ads.
The AdGuard version of Mac and Windows offers various features including parental control, tracking blocking, content, and adblocking.
To use with Android, you have to install it directly from its site. Moreover, AdGuard iOS can work wonders when integrated with the Safari browser because it effectively manages to block ads on the default browser.

Do Ad-blockers protect online privacy?

Ad-blockers are great to protect your device and the overall online experience. However, alone they cannot protect your online privacy. You need other tools just like antivirus software, firewalls, and VPNs to maintain cybersecurity. Find the best antivirus software and virtual private network Canada, USA, Australia, and any country where you’re living in and stay protected.


A number of ad-blocker software available online among which I have mentioned the best ones. Don’t forget to try any of the mentioned ad-blocker and also deploy a VPN and antivirus software for the best yet the safest online experience.

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