How Cisco Meraki Access Points Can Help Your Business in Different Ways?

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Meraki Access Points are the world’s first cloud-managed WLAN access point line. Meraki APs have revolutionized distributed branch wireless networking by being designed to meet the needs of challenging multi-site networks. Zero-touch deployments, multi-site visibility and control, and automated alerts make it simple to deploy, secure, and centrally managing branch networks.

The key to resolving this issue is centralized network management and control – eliminating as much manual work as possible by developing methods to dynamically and intelligently manage network connections and access points. A small IT team that manages multiple locations requires a solution that is secure, stable, and easy to use. Here are some of the ways Cisco Meraki Access Points can help your business:

  1. Rapid deployment and scalability: Centralized cloud management allows for plug-and-play branch deployments as well as centralized visibility and control across any number of distributed locations. Meraki WLANs can be configured without the need for training or a dedicated team. Adding new sites to a network takes minutes, not hours or days, and no additional staff is required to monitor or manage remote networks.
  2. Web-based dashboard: Configuration and diagnostics can be performed remotely from the cloud just as easily as they can on-site, saving money on field visits and lost productivity due to travel. It’s ideal for small IT departments in charge of multiple site networks.
  3. No on-site provisioning: Meraki devices self-provision, allowing for multi-site deployments without the need for on-site IT. Each device downloads its configuration from Meraki’s cloud, which automatically applies your network and security policies.  
  4. Maximum WiFi performance: To maximize WiFi performance, every Meraki Access Point continuously and automatically monitors its surroundings. Meraki APs automatically optimize WiFi and system-wide performance by measuring channel utilization, signal strength, and throughput, so you can handle high volume with the fastest connection and deliver the best performance all of the time.
  5. Enterprise security: With comprehensive, out-of-the-box enterprise-class security, you can segment wireless users, guests, applications, and devices. The Cisco Meraki dashboard provides you with detailed visibility into network users, their devices, and their applications, allowing you to protect your network from attacks and enforce the appropriate policies for each user type.
  6. Future-proof: New features are delivered seamlessly as automatic over-the-web upgrades that deliver significant new features to your current products, increasing the value of your investment, and are always up to date with emerging device types and application profiles.
  7. Improved productivity and efficiency: You can manage your network from a single pane of glass thanks to zero-touch access point provisioning, network-wide visibility and control, cloud-based RF optimization, and seamless firmware. Meraki access points enable smarter network management, which improves both the end-user experience and network security.

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