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Best Health Benefits From Losing Weight

Various substantiated research work and evidenced studies have linked a number of health benefits to weight loss and the auxiliary effects that come with it. If you are looking to shed a couple of extra pounds and are unsure of what exactly your body has to gain, then read on as what follows is a compilation of the many advantages that come with burning excess fat.

1) Improved sleep

Better sleep encompassing increased sleep quality lasting the requisite hours has been linked to a weight loss of about 5%. It has also proven in the past to help get around sleep-related conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea among others.

Improved sleep

2) Reduced risk of cancer

Going by recent studies, losing weight can reduce the chances of getting breast cancer in women by up to 12% depending on the amount of lost weight. It does this by decreasing the amounts of hormones in the bloodstream tied to instigating the condition i.e. androgens, insulin, and estrogens.

3) Joint pressure is alleviated

Gaining 10 additional pounds can inflict ten times as much pressure on the joints and consequently losing a similar amount takes away a similar amount of pressure. More pressure on the joints will not only wear them out faster but could also result in inflammations and consequently discomforts in the area. Conversely, losing weight ensures good condition of the joints and will also reduce your chances of getting arthritis. Aside from weight loss, a Hong Kong massage can also work wonders for stressed-out joints by disseminating pressure points and the accompanying pain so be sure to make some room for it on your fitness program.

4) Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes has often been tied to surplus weight with moderate exercise and weight loss proven to be key in winning the battle of for those who already have the condition. For those who don’t, weight loss ensures moderate levels of blood sugar and thereby reduces the likelihood of developing the condition.

5) Bolstered sex drive

Reduced weight overall results in an enhanced sex drive and stamina which means you can last a really long time in the bedroom. Not only that, but the heightened physical fitness, as a result, can also increase satisfaction levels in between the sheets for both you and your better half.

6) Gorgeous skin

While your primary goal may have been to keep in shape, you’ll also be glad to know that you in for a glowing and healthier skin courtesy of the exercise and diets you are on. Regular sweating can clear the junk off your pores while veggies and fruits can result in a clearer and brighter complexion because of the added nutrient intake.

Gorgeous skin

7) Stress relief

Losing weight in itself can be a daunting prospect always eating away at the back of your mind and striking it off your to-do list means you need not worry about it any longer. More importantly though, weight loss related activities such as getting enough sleep, regular exercise and staying on a well-balanced diet all work to keep anxiety and stress hormones at minute levels.

In a nutshell, losing weight is the key to leading a long and healthy life and all that it entails.

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