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Simple Tips To Boost Your WordPress Theme Performance

The internet is involving very fast so it’s easy for anyone to open a website. It mainly because of WordPress templates which are easy and affordable, anybody can open a website within few hours. Undoubtedly, creating a website is easy and simple but maintaining in top search result pages is tough.  You need to follow some simple tricks in order to improve your website through WordPress.

Some of the best WordPress themes are light-weight which is created in clean code. You need to create a website that loads faster and it should have clean content. There are many manufacturers who claimed that their websites are SEO optimize but it not in top search result pages. It because the website doesn’t load faster as promised. As you know that your target audience can’t waste their valuable time to load your website. They might turn to another website, so it’s equally important that your website loads faster. The higher the loading time that your website gets, the better ranking it gets in search engine result pages. You need to provide a better web experience to your user so that it can provide you some good business. There are so many business owners who are trying hard to get into the top search result pages so that they can get some good business. You need to have good knowledge about website designing and SEO. Nowadays there are so many freelance website designers are available. There are so many countries that own an E-commerce website and according to research audience of such website are quite impatient. You need to attract your audience to the finest homepage. You need to hire a professional website developer so that you can attract your target audience by your wide range of products. Countries like Singapore or Australia where the competition is high so they use to hire a freelance web developer in Singapore to attract their audience.

There are few tips that you need to follow to improve your WordPress theme performance

Testing the loading time

As you know boosting performance is equals to improving website speed. So if you want to know your website loading time then you need to see your website loading time. You can check this by the number of useful tools:


2.Google PageSpeed Insight

There are a number of factors that determine the speed of the website like actual size of the page or availability of a crashed copy of a page. Your website speed also depends upon the static or dynamic content. So, before solving the problem you need to know the root cause about it.

Testing loading time

Change your hosting provider 

Website owners are now interested in a shared hosting provider. This will provide you with some awesome opportunities like bandwidth, space and domain and lots more. The shared hosting provider is also great as a money-saving plan but this will become less reliable and generate more competition. The shared hosting provider will reduce the data rate of a website by comparing to a dedicated hosting. You need to have a dedicated hosting or an individual hosting so that it can give you some great benefits. It is very expensive but your business will eventually win.

Optimize your image 

If you want to increase your website performance, then you need to optimize the image. It is said that the larger image will take more time to load. So you need to reduce the image size without damaging the quality. You can also use so many tools which are available so that your website can get better performance. These tools will surely help you to reduce the size of the image and improve the speed of your website.

Optimize your image 

Optimize the theme 

If you are wondering by including a high-quality theme will lead to a better look then you are wrong. Rich features theme will take more time to load, and you will ultimately miss your leads. So, it’s better to get rid of the shiny feature which doesn’t work on your favor. Features like social icons, widgets, unnecessary sliders will add weight your web server. If you want to reduce the loading time and increase your website performance then you need to remove these unwanted features.

Rely on a content delivery network 

If you failed to deliver content on your target location, then there is a chance that you will lose traffic. Usually, content delivery network shortens the physical distance and improves your website performance. It usually stores a cached version of your content in a different location to provide the superior coverage of the user.

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