Best Solution to Convert XLSX Contacts to HTML Format on Mac OS

Know how to convert XLSX to HTML format on Mac computer with all the data intact. Get a proven and professional solution to export Excel file to HTML file.

Are you facing constant issues to convert XLSX to HTML? Have you tried the manual method for the same but unable to convert Mac Excel contacts list? If yes, then you are in the right place, as this article will provide you the best solution. In the end, you will be able to transfer Excel XLS / XLSX / XLSM contacts to HTML format on Mac. This is the most reliable and proven solution for all the Mac Excel file users.

However, for storing a very crucial information and data, Microsoft Excel files are considered to be the most used platform. But, there are several downsides to using XLS format on a Mac machine. A few of them we are enlisting below: 

  1. There is a Lack of control and data security
  2. Prone to human error, hence, difficult to manage from threats
  3. Troublesome for business crucial activities
  4. Moreover, it even leads to wrong calculations 

This is why many users like you are finding ways to convert XLSX file to HTML format. Because, it will be easy to read or share the spreadsheets data with others. Therefore, in the following section, we will find out the reasons to transfer Excel Contacts to HTML file format.

Why HTML is Preferred?

As we all know or aware that the HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is a standard, structured language for web pages. So, you can add the formatting to look the data to regular or ordinary web pages through HTML. Moreover, using HTML format, you can easily add text, multiple images, and other forms of multimedia to your any web pages. 

Hence, some of the advantages of HTML file format we are sharing below- 

  1. It is easily accessible file format
  2. Moreover, quite interactive 
  3. If required, interlinking can be done 
  4. Even, HTML is quite easy to manage 

Now, let’s come to the topic 

How to Convert XLSX to HTML on Mac Professionally?

Because of the multiple advantages of HTML format over XLS or XLSX, many of you start looking for the techniques to convert XLSX file to HTML. However, the manual method for transferring Excel contacts to HTML can be fruitful for converting a limited number of Microsoft Excel files. 

However, this manual method does not guarantee you a 100% efficiency and might encounter data loss if you have a large Excel file. Therefore, to resolve this technical issue, we have come up with a professional solution, namely the Mac Excel Contacts to HTML Converter. Using this software you can easily convert as many Excel files as you want into HTML format without a doubt.

Prominent Features of the Automated Mac Tool

  • Export Multiple Excel Contacts: This XLS to HTML file converter software offers you to convert multiple XLS contacts into to HTML format at once on a Mac machine. So, with the help of these features, users can perform the batch conversion efficiently. Due to the bulk Excel file conversion, users can save their precious time.
  • Converting Excel Contacts into Different Formats: Once the XLS / XLSX / XLSM files are successfully loaded into the Mac based software, it will be reflected on the software panel. After that, it will provide multiple conversion formats in which Excel Contact files can be converted as required. There are supported file formats, such as PDF, PST, EML. MBOX, vCard, HTML and TXT.
  • Date-Filter Option: The functionality offered by the standalone software to apply date filter will help all the users to convert XLSX to HTML in a range based duration. That mean, the data that will be converted of that certain period of time only. So, this option allows users to export only the data they need to convert from their Excel file. 
  • Self-Explanatory Interface: The best part of the tool is that it has a user interface that is easily understandable. This Mac XLS to HTML Converter Software is completely safe and comprises a simple and interactive interface. Hence, even a non-technical user can operate it without any technical assistance on any Mac OS.
  • Compatible with Mac OS All Versions: This Excel to HTML converter software works perfectly fine with all the latest Mac OS X versions like Mac OS X 10.8, 11.0, 12.0. Moreover, this automated application ensures that there will be no compromise with the data while converting Excel Contacts to HTML on Mac.

Convert XLSX to HTML – Observational Verdict

After considering all the points mentioned in the above article in order to convert XLSX file to HTML on Mac, a third-party tool should be preferred. As this automated software will provide you with the guaranteed results in a less amount of time. Moreover, it will keep your entire data safe with data intact.


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