8 Hacks for a Better SEO Strategy in Digital Marketing Agency

We all are well aware of the term Better SEO by now but the thing we don’t know is how crucial it is to use it in their marketing plans. For the most part, SEO is complicated and bit tricky to utilise due to which people feel unsure of their effort or even starts second-guessing their luck but what they fail to realize is that maybe there’s something they’ve been missing out in their Better SEO strategy or maybe they need to redevise new SEO strategies to help people locate their content. However, difficult or confusing it may sound, it is not far from your reach.

So let us dive in to discover a few hacks to revitalize your business framework

  1. Find a relevant topic and create the best version of it:

relevant topic seo

Creating content is no joke, especially from scratch it takes a lot of hard work and thinking. So while you are at it, why not search relevant topics to your business on google and get some idea. However, do not copy wordings, just take some idea and set your own concept of trying to create a much Better SEO version of that topic.

  1. Use free Better SEO tools:

Anything that comes free of cost is definitely a must thing to try on. Use free Better SEO tools as it is a hack everyDigital Marketing Agency in the USA or anywhere takes advantage of. For instance, google analytics is useful to monitor your GA acquisition reports, as well as the status of performance of your competitors, Google research console can be utilized to ensure the working of your webpage’s link.

  1. Always have room for criticism and ideas:

relevant topic seo

Comments and reviews are a healthy way to point out mistakes and improve your content the same as proofreading. Always make room for ideas and criticism and never forgo them as they are your biggest assets in digital marketing.

  1. Long-tail keywords tend to do the magic:

While short tail keywords are easy to remember, google ads proves that people usually search for long-tailed keywords so the best key is to search your keyword on google ad and choose long-tailed ones based on their ranking.

  1. Distribute your home page’s link authority to your most important pages:

SEO Trends

There’s this fact that your home age attracts more traffic than your sub-pages. This is the reason why most digital marketing agencies include sub-pages like articles, blogs, videos etc in the top navigation to divert the audience towards these pages. Also, remember to use navigational links instead of footer links for Better SEO response.

  1. Never use huge images:

The major setbacks that most clients complain about are huge images on homepages. While it might serve your taste, it takes time for an image that too of 6 MB to load. So to avoid such errors, refrain from using large images. Optimize those huge images into more reasonable sizes by available applications and re-upload it.

  1. Add infographics:

seo infographics

Infographics attract more attention than long paragraphs. Graphics do the job of making people intrigued towards your content and hence generating traffic.

  1. Use keywords in the right place:

Last comes the most common error encountered by almost every other Digital Marketing Agency in Karachi i.e. improper placing of keywords. Illogical placement of keywords tend to confuse and ultimately bore your audience which is a major drawback so why not try and setting keywords according to your content or think something that might include keywords easily.

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