5 Top SEO Trends In UK

One of the major tasks that marketers of any brand need to execute after creating a website is to optimize it on search engines. Whenever users enter a keyword on any search engine, the results will display the most efficiently optimized websites at the top and traffic is likely to go there. It is for this reason why SEO Trends remains extremely important. An example is that of the providers of writing service UK. There are too many service providers so if SEO is not done efficiently, your website will not be displayed on the top results page and you will lose customers to your competitors.

Before moving on to trends in SEO, it is important to know some background about how SEO works. There are algorithms in search engines to which a website is indexed using specific keywords and via other methods. That being said, it is obvious that algorithms constantly change and so the trends in SEO also change with time.I was studying algorithms in depth while at college and was so involved that I often asked others to write my essay for me.

SEO Trends

If you do not keep up with modern SEO trends in the UK, you are less likely to be listed on top of the search results and your website will receive a negligible amount of traffic. Following are the top 5 SEO trends that you must be familiar with in 2018 to make the most out of your optimization:

  • More personalized approach: Traditional methods of SEO state that one ideal SEO strategy works for a group of individuals and businesses. Modern trends, however, take a more personalized approach in the sense that instead of focusing on a large group, it focuses on the browser cookies and individual search histories for a personalized experience.SEO experts are now focusing on manipulating the algorithms not to benefit an entire industry or group but to benefit their specific clients by tailoring SEO strategies according to their needs.
  • Domination of Google’s Knowledge Graph: There are instances when users enter their queries in search engines but are unable to get what they want. Google, therefore, came up with the idea of a Knowledge Graph in 2012 which is now improved so much that it is expected to replace the current search engine system in near future. As users enter their questions, Google’s Knowledge graph provides direct answers instead of links which seems to be the future of SEO.

SEO Concept

  • Search for videos and images over content: Traditional SEO Trends methods rely on words and indexing uses keywords to push specific web pages on top of search results. With the popularity of visual content, users are searching more for images and videos. A couple of startups have introduced ways to recognize the elements of specific visual content and were acquired by Google.The new trends in SEO Trends, therefore, would be much more than indexing of keywords because users are moving towards visual content.
  • Search engine using voice: Modern trends have transformed the way users search for information. The introduction of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home is attracting users to voice search because the personal assistants in these speakers listen to what you say and provide search results.Voice recognition seems to be the future of SEO because smart speakers is making lives a lot easier. Sales trend of smart speakers reveals that the products will sell at a fast pace in 2018 as compared to last year.
  • Possible domination of machine learning over algorithms: Currently we see regular algorithm updates according to which SEO experts shape their strategies for clients. This is because the algorithm is running the entire SEO system right now which Google may change by the end of 2018. Machine learning and AI are not yet being implemented but in a few months, it is expected to take over typical search results.The introduction of machine learning would mean that the algorithm updates will gradually vanish and a new era of SEO would be witnessed.

SEO Concept

The UK has always been technologically advanced and they always keep up with changing trends, not only in SEO Trends but in every industry. SEO experts in the UK are increasingly focusing on these five trends are shaping their activities accordingly. If you prepare for the upcoming trends and technologies beforehand, it would be easier to keep up with the technological pace. If these trends suddenly come your way, you may lag behind others and lose clients which is unaffordable for any service provider.

While it is true that 2018 will not change the SEO structure entirely but it would surely be a crucial year in which certain trends will initiate and decide the future of SEO Trends.

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