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Brawl Stars Angelo Guide

Hey Brawlers, did you get to try out the latest brawler, Angelo, in Brawl Stars? He is a pretty over-powered character when played right. He has a very peculiar type of game-play which most brawlers aren’t used to. So, we bring you the easiest guide to Angelo to help you dominate the game.

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Angelo is an Epic Brawl Stars Brawler and can be unlocked via the pass or the Starr Road. He has a very long-range attack with this bow, and he has low health. With his trait, he can move on the water.

The damage dealt with his attacks is a little confusing, so let us take a look at his attacks, gadgets, and star powers quickly before going into his gameplay, tips, and tricks.

Angelo’s Attacks

His basic attack Take Aim does variable damage; when you auto-aim, he quickly attacks and deals less damage, but when you aim and charge it up, it does maximum damage.

With his super, Welcome to the Swamp, Angelo creates a toxic area which does damage per second to the enemies. Whenever you attack the enemies while you stay in your swamp, you deal an extra 25% of damage over 3 seconds.

Angelo’s Gadgets and Starpowers

Angelo’s first gadget, Stinging Flight, allows him to take flight for 1 second and deals 660 damage to any enemies near him. His second gadget, Master Fletcher, makes his next attack pierce enemies and obstacles.

His star power, Empower, heals Angelo when he stays inside his swamp (super-ability). Flow gives him an increased 25% movement speed when in water.

Angelo’s build, gameplay and a few tips & tricks

For his recommended build, go with Stinging Flight as your gadget. It is a good escape ability, and you can also jump over water and obstacles.

As for star power, choose Empower. Angelo does not passively heal when charging up his shot, so I recommend you go with his first star power to overcome this problem.

For gear, you must definitely go with Damage Gear as your first option. It not only increases your normal damage output but also affects your poison damage output.

Health Gear is another great option for Angelo, as he naturally lacks high HP. This will compensate for that.

Angelo has just been released and is yet to receive any balance; play him while he is still overpowered.

Make sure to take advantage of your long-range and position yourself properly. If Angelo gets stunned, knocked, or pulled while charging his attack, the attack gets cancelled.

As soon as you shoot an arrow, immediately start charging the next attack; this is how you take full advantage of his kit.

Keep in mind that his trait allows him to walk on water with decent movement speed. Make sure to pick him next on such maps.

He is no fit for close-range maps, so rather go with Leon, El-Primo etc. on those maps.

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