Breastfeeding Tips That Will Help Every New Mom

Breastfeeding Tips That Will Help Every New Mom

Breastfeeding may be the most natural thing there is, but it can take a lot of work before it seems that way.

Breastfeeding may be the most natural thing there is, but it can take a lot of work before it seems that way. Sometimes it can just take a bit of trial and error before you have found the right mix of solutions. Some babies latch naturally, while some take time to adjust. So here are few tips to keep in mind while starting the breastfeeding journey:

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  1. Start breastfeeding right after birth. Don’t let anyone feed other milk like cow’s or formula. get skin to skin session with baby as soon as possible. This will establish a good flow of milk and great bonding with baby. Even if he baby needs medical attention, you can go in NICU in regular intervals for feeding the baby.

  2. Know that newborns nurse a lot. They have tummy size of an egg which needs to be refueled very often especially after peeing. So don’t worry about baby being hungry or supply being low. Just keep on feeding and go for a nursing vacation if possible.
  3. One of the problem we face during breastfeeding is that we don’t know how much we are producing. Initially when babies cry in very short intervals, we doubt our supply and worry that baby is not getting enough milk. Don’t worry about it. the milk supply can-not be measured even by amount of milk you express by pumping. As long as pee count is 6-7, you don’t need to worry about supply or hunger.

  4. Don’t clock your feeds. the more you feed, the more you produce. New moms need to go through an intensive feeding routine for few weeks after birth. Don’t worry about the two hour interval. Look for signs baby gives you. Rooting, licking or putting hands in mouth are signs of hunger. Feed the baby whenever you see those gestures. Last thing babies do is cry out.

  5. Always burp the baby in between feeds. Even when baby feeds for longer intervals, you should keep baby upright in between for burping, otherwise bay will vomit frequently and suffer from colic.

  6. Mother’s milk is complete food. Baby does-not needs any other supplement. It is packed with all growth related nutrients and antibodies. It is advised to even skip water for six months and exclusively breastfeed the baby.

  7. Night feeds are most important for babies. A mother’s body produces highly nutrients milk during night. But it is equally important for mother to get rest, so a mom must gradually learn side lying position of feeding. This way back ache problem can also be avoided and mother also gets rest.


Breastfeeding Tips That Will Help Every New Mom

Keep a check on baby’s pee count. Sometimes mother’s body is not able to produce enough. If pee count is less than 5 than it is an alarming situation. Baby may get dehydrated. In this case consult your doctor and get your baby checked for any problem and if necessary start with formula milk. After all we want to do best for our babies.


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Latching is one of the problems that most of the moms face. Some babies are natural, while some take time to get adjusted to feeding. Remember, Breastfeeding does not hurts. It may be a little painful for the first few seconds in initial days, but it has not to be painful every time. If it is hurting, then consult breastfeeding friendly gynecologist and get your latch checked. Doctor will help you and the baby to latch properly.

There are two types of holds while feeding the baby:

  1. C-hold (palmer gasp)

  1. V-hold ( Scissor gasp)

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It all depends on mother what she is comfortable in. There is no big parameter deciding upon one better than the other. All it matters is that it should be a deep latch for proper feeding and painless experience. one important thing to take care is just the nose. The airway must not be blocked and baby should not feel suffocated.

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