Artificial Intelligence

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence field is new and is changing at a rapid pace. AI is the new skill-set and most professionals are now getting themselves skilled in this profession. Be it insurance firms, private firms, e-commerce companies or IT companies, these firms are planning on leveraging their AI for analytics, data management, and programming.

According to research done by PwC, AI and other related technologies to end up to 7 million jobs only in the UK 20 years from now. It is said that the AI sector is said to create 7.2 million jobs over the same period of time.

Professionals with AI skillsets such as machine learning, NLP, cloud computing and chatbots are high in demand. But recruiters are finding it tough to recruit candidates in these skill sets because of the lack of skills resulting in the shortage of AI talent supply. The pace of AI jobs has driven candidates – be it a fresher or a professional to reskill themselves and prepare for the AI era. So far only companies like Facebook, Adobe, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple etc tops the list of companies that share the highest AI job postings.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is any technique and concept which computers use to mimic human behavior. However, AI can mean different things to different people. Self-driving cars, machine learning, robots etc. are some examples of AI. This is powered by machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning helps enable companies to leverage large amounts of data and retrieve future insights that further helps them make decisions based on the prediction.

Looking for a career in artificial intelligence? Here are the job roles you might want to get into today.

  • Machine Learning Engineer – in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, Scala
  • Business Intelligence Developer – this candidate needs to have experience in Data Warehouse Design, Data mining, SQL queries, SQL Server reporting, and BI technologies etc.
  • Data Scientist – one needs to be comfortable working with big data technologies like Hive, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Spark and statistical and programming languages like Perl, Python, SQL, and Scala.
  • Big Data Engineer – you need to show skills in programming languages like C++, Python, Scala, and Java. One might need to have in-depth knowledge in data mining, data visualization, and data migration etc.
  • Research Scientist – one must have extensive knowledge in multiple AI disciplines, Machine learning, Deep learning, Applied mathematics, Computational statistics etc.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re a fresher looking to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, then you will need to cover topics like computer science (coding experience, Bayesian network, computer engineering, robotics, mathematics, calculus, and statistics). For a professional with experience in the IT field, you can take up artificial intelligence certifications from a certified platform that assures credentials that enhances job credibility.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, most companies are now leveraging their companies with AI. Although, there is still a huge hearth of talent shortage it is still evident that the jobs in this domain will not cease. If you’re looking to make that career shift now’s the right time for that transition.

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