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4 Economy-Immune Business Ideas for 2020

4 Economy-Immune Business Ideas that you need in 2020 to crush it

Life is more secure when your finances are backed by business instead of a job into a corporation.

Financial stability comes from a business plan, an idea that’s powerful enough to generate instantaneous and consistent cash flows.

It’s better to work with a business plan that is immune to economic fluctuations.

Today, in this post we will learn about Economy-immune business ideas

  1. Hood Cleaning Business
  2. Drug store
  3. Food Joint
  4. Content Writing Business

1. Hood Cleaning Business

Vent Hood Cleaning Business is a very lucrative business idea to get started with.

It is a government-mandated business that is required by law under NFPA 96, restaurants found not adhering to code 96 by keeping their kitchen exhaust hood unclean can be severely punished.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning is not as simple as just wiping off what appears on the surface if it were that easy then hood cleaning might not have been a business in the first place; anyone can clean exhaust hood that way, it’s more sophisticated. Making sure that the exhaust hood is cleaned from the kitchen to the terrace exhaust fan is important to avoid long-term problems.

There are exhaust hood cleaning training institutes like MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning School that has training programs that will teach you how to clean kitchen exhaust hood and get started with your own hood cleaning business.

2. Drug store

The pharmaceutical store is an evergreen business idea it’s definitely immune to the recession, inflation, and economic crash. People at large are rendered helpless with disease and ill health. What they need is a drug store that can provide them with medical supplies.

You can make this business model more lucrative by adding value-added services like home-delivery, support on the phone.

3. Food Joint

Another amazing business idea that doesn’t require ridiculous investment to get started with, with a very minimal investment in a food truck and inventories you can start this business.

The key predictors of success in this business are the taste of the food, location, and service.

It is important to form lasting relations with customers; because in the food industry one satisfied customer will bring gangs of customers and the chain keeps going on and on.

4. Content Writing Business

No other business enjoys the kind of freedom and liberty that this business enjoys.

However, this business isn’t meant for just about everyone. One needs to be REALLY good at content writing should be able to adapt to various niche and flare to produce the best output. There is a disproportionate amount of content writing work available out there.

This means there is an ample amount of demand available out there; you need to meet that demand and supply by forming a team of creative content writers.

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