Tomahawk Axe

Differences Between A Hatchet and A Tomahawk Axe

If you are a camping enthusiast or simply love exploring the wilderness, then you may have used a tomahawk, an axe or a hatchet. Although these tools are mostly utilised for the same purposes and look similar but are different from one another. These tools work the best when they are used to perform the functions that they are actually meant for. Do you want to know the key differences between a hatchet, a tomahawk and an axe? Read on.

A tomahawk looks similar to a hatchet. It has a straight shift and was used as a trading item in exchange for groceries and other provisions during ancient times. This tool was used to perform daily tasks which included chopping, cutting as well as hunting.

How is it different from a Hatchet or an Axe?

A tomahawk consists of a round eye unlike an axe or a hatchet that come with narrow and triangular eyes. The pattern has remained unchanged as putting a handle on round eyes is simpler than the narrower ones. A tomahawk axe in the UK comes with multiple extended handles which is aligned with the weight of its head. Nowadays, tomahawks are designed with handles like that of a hatchet.

A hatchet, on the other hand, is a form of an axe which has a sharp blade and short handle. It is used to split and cut wood. Besides, the other side comes with a hammerhead and is used during striking activities. The blade part is used to chop wood pieces, firewood and to cut off small branches whereas the hammerhead part is used to drive stakes or to hammer nails into the wood. Besides, a hatchet comes handy to create travois, chop animals, clear trails and more.

Features of A Tomahawk & A Hatchet

The best way to identify the difference between a hatchet and an axe is to focus on the metal head. One of the notable features of a hatchet is the hammerhead on the opposite side of the blade which makes it different from an axe. A hatchet comes with a sharp edge or a blade towards the metal head and a hammer on the other end. A tomahawk has a broad area which looks different from a hatchet although it is a useful tool one should consider in the house.

A hatchet is nothing but a light-weight axe and was originally designed for the kitchen to slice and chop foods. Besides, they come in use to cut through bone or cartilage. This is not all, a hatchet can be a blessing, especially when you come across a wild animal suddenly that may harm you. There may be instances when hunters are cornered by grizzlies or wolves. You can easily protect yourself from any kind of accidents or injuries with the help of a hatchet.

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