Right Custom Card Holder

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Custom Card Holder

Cardholders are a basic requirement if you keep things organized in your pocket. A business card is the best tool and fishing for a business card in your pocket in front of your client is definitely embarrassing. The cards are often referred to as your sales tool hence, it is of immense importance that these tools be organized and in good condition all the times.

Right Custom Card Holder

 Card Holder

Fishing for cards in pockets every now and then not only crumples them, but they also get stained. But if we leave this point, just imagine how it looks to your prospective customer when you’re scrounging around in your back pocket for your wallet. With the comfort of having a cardholder, nowadays on websites , you can buy the customized versions of these cardholders.

To save you from the trouble of searching blindly, we have come up with amazing tips that will help you choose the best custom cardholder:


Quality Card Holder

Quality is the most important factor to be considered while you are looking for a custom card holder online. You don’t want to invest on something that will look ugly with the span of time, all you want is a card that looks good for a long period of time and saves your business cards from further wear and tears along with keeping them organized.

Type of Card Holder

Custom card holders are available in the various type of materials such as fabric, leather, PU, metal etc. Buying a perfect custom card holder depends on your preference, style and amount of money you want to spend upon.

Online you can find good quality metal card holders and leather card cases in, of course, there are a variety of other styles available such as knit fabrics geared towards more casual card carriers.


Coming to the material of customized card holder, leather cases generally just present a far more elegant appearance. Metal card holder with your personalized touch is far classier. You can choose them in various shades like gold and silver. These cases are so thin, they slide effortlessly into even the tightest pockets.

Clasp and Locking Mechanism

Type of Card Holder

When it comes to how the case closes, some cardholders are not efficient enough and has openings for dust and debris to reach your cards while others can close tightly either by a magnet or a latch of some sort.

Make sure the seal of the holder is of good quality so you don’t have to fight with it to open or close. This is another factor to keep to be considered while choosing for the right customized card holder for yourself.

Personalized Touch

Personalized Touch Card holde

As we are looking for a customized touch in a cardholder, this is the tip that is of utmost importance. On websites, you can take the customization to a whole new level like the print your logo, name, photographs, favorite symbol, a photo of a deity, your company logo, or your favorite wallpaper, it is all up to you.

Also keep your passport safe and stylish with one of the customized passport holder and easily available online.

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