Summer has officially made an entry on the calendar. Now wedding plans are around the corner. Many of your friends had their weddings this summer. Well, when you talk about weddings certainly again the bridal shower ceremony comes in the priority list. Hope you all are familiar with the concept of the bridal shower it is the day dedicated to would be a bride. In fact, it is the day of amusement, which involves her only. Now the fact is you too have to attend the bridal shower ceremony of your best friend. So you thought to present a flower bouquet along with the bridal shower card. Therefore, today we will give you some idea regarding that.

  • Peach, Pink And White Rose: You always admire the combination of white peach and pink combination roses. These shades are elegant as well as classy. Therefore you can order for a customize bouquet where you can ask to add the equal number of pink, white and peach roses. Overall the width of the flowers will range somewhere between two to four inches only. Along with the blooms you can order for a bridal shower card with a message like congratulate on the wedding.

Peach, Pink And White Rose flower

  • Classic White Dahlias: Your best friend is an epitome of dignity. She carries her beauty and personality with grace. Her friendship always inspires you the most in this life. Therefore, on her bridal shower ceremony, you thought to present a bouquet of white dahlias. The beautiful impeccable dahlias are the reflection of the perfect friendship that you both share with each other. Therefore along with the dahlias, you can send a handmade bridal shower card with a handwritten note like best wishes for the exclusive day.

Classic White rose flower

  • Lilac Iris: The wedding is the purest relation between the two unknown people who start their journey and become the true best friends. As an epitome of love and purity, you decided to present a bouquet of white Iris to the bridal shower ceremony of your dear friend. But you thought to make it special by adding a bridal shower card with a lovely message like enjoy a happy married life in a laminated card.

Lilac Iris bouquet rose flower

  • Smile Like Sunshine: You two are the true best friends as since childhood you have always shared your emotions with each other. She always stood by you in hours of need. Next month is her wedding. Tomorrow you have to attend to her bridal shower invitation. Other friends would be attending it. Therefore as a best friend, you thought to keep the gift both touchy and simple so you planned to take a few sticks of sunflowers. The vibrant yellow sunflower brings a message of a new journey. And you always wish that her life should be joyful and radiant like the sunshine. As an additional touch, you got the bridal shower card which you prepared yourself with sunflowers drawn by your hand.

Smile Like Sunshine rose flower

  • Graceful White Lilies: Your friend is honest and true to her virtues. Therefore as a best friend, now it is your duty to make your friend start the new phase of her life and maintain the virtue of conjugal life with dignity and love. Thus you thought that white is her favorite color, so in this regard, you got some beautiful white iris flower. You ordered a customized bouquet with only white iris and green fillers. As you got this for the bridal shower celebration, it is important, that you should get a bridal shower card as well.

Thus, these are few flowers that you can try for the bridal shower to send flowers to Lucknow or to send flowers online in India.


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