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How To Immigrate To Canada Various Possibilities

The relocation may be temporary, for Study or work experience that can help them achieve a better lifestyle.

Because of the current economic situation, there are many young people between 19 and 35 who decide to move abroad. The relocation may be temporary, for Study or work experience that can help them achieve a better lifestyle.

Why choose Canada

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Canada is one of the most required after destinations that decide to immigrate. The Canadian cities, in fact, are often mentioned by renowned periodical publications such as “The Economist”, for the high rate of livability, among the first in the world. The prosperous Canadian cities offer an environment in which to look for work success and, at the same time, live in a healthy way.

How to immigrate and move to Canada: various possibilities

We frequently receive requests for information from fellow countrymen who want to immigrate to Canada and need legal support to understand the best immigration programs offered by the Canadian government for those wishing to live in Canada for medium and long-term periods.

The “ETA” Authorization for Short Tourist Stays

All the citizens who are willing to go to Canada for tourism, for a period of time less than six months, do not need any visa for access but must get an Electronic Travel Authorization that can be obtained via the internet, paying the required fee with a credit card.

The complete guide to emigration: the preliminary test for the allocation of points

When is it possible to emigrate? Are there any requirements? Which? What are the times? To these questions and many others received daily, we give comprehensive answers through a guide that is the result of years and years of direct experience.

In the meantime, let us try to understand what are the roads for the correct ways to get immigration for Canada?

Immigrate to Canada for Study

The interest in Canadian university institutions and the opportunities for the Canadian labor market continue to attract great attention, as demonstrated by the success of the exhibition events organized in Milan and Rome at the beginning of November, where various Canadian institutes of education secondary and university, they presented their training offers to a large group of students.

All students who sign up for a Canadian university course can get a study permit for the duration of the program. This study visa also allows you to work, although there are some limitations regarding the number of weekly hours in which you can be involved in a professional activity.

Once the study is finished, this is a facility to allow those who wish to try to find a professional location, and for many, this represents a launching ramp towards permanent residency.

Students who have received a Master’s or Ph.D. from a recognized university can apply to the individual Canadian provinces to get a Provincial Nominee. This consists of an accompanying letter issued by the province where the qualification was completed. The provincial nominee allows you to achieve permanent residence, which will allow you to live in Canada forever with the right of access to the national health system and to all other services offered to Canadian citizens. An exception is the right to vote, for which it is necessary to have Canadian citizenship.

Immigrate to Canada for work

For those who intend to reach Canada for work, the visa application must be submitted through a system called Express Entry, which produces a score for each candidate, above all on the basis of previous qualifications and work experience. Even applicants who are not already in possession of a job offer from a Canadian employer, can still apply through the Express Entry system, after registering on the Canadian Government’s job offer database, which acts as a bridge between candidates and employers looking for specific characteristics and peculiarities in those who propose themselves. Anyone interested in registering for the Express Entry system you can find more information you can contact professional Canada immigration consultants

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