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What to Look for When Buying a CCTV Camera?

Make sure you follow all these tips before getting a CCTV camera. These all features will help you to get the maximum benefit and serve your purpose.

Functions that you find in all of the CCTV cameras are all same, but the main difference comes with the quality of its performance. In case you are looking for a CCTV camera just for your house or your small shop, then there’s no surprise that you don’t know much about them. So, if you want to have the best quality possible on your camera then make sure you read until the end because here are some tips to keep in mind before getting a CCTV camera. Now let’s get into it.

Having a battery backup

You totally can’t underestimate the burglars that break in your house, and we know that you are getting your CCTV camera installation done just for proof (of course). But one thing you should keep in mind is that the burglar will not be so dumb enough to get in with power on. So, he will for sure cut the power and the game ends here if there is no battery backup, which would make having a CCTV camera installation kind of useless. Now what you have to make sure is that the CCTV camera you are taking has a battery backup for cases such as this.

Mobile compatibility

It’s a fact that most of the cameras nowadays have a feature to be accessed from your mobile or any other device. But a good quality camera should have the capability to customize notifications, indicate detective zones, and adjust on the sound and motion, in simple words; it should provide a live feed from your camera to the phone. It’s sure that your CCTV camera installation will have the first feature but make sure the rest are also present for a lot more efficient use over it.

Facial identification

This feature is  something new that you won’t find in the older models. It’s nothing but a attribute to differentiate between face and other objects in the surroundings. And the identification is done by the increase of focus or exposure on this particular part of the body that is the face. The effectiveness of this feature completely depends on the focus or lens of your CCTV camera installation, so make sure the lens of the camera has a good performance. It does prove to be a useful function when it comes to recordings of the night time.

Angle of viewing

Getting it straight, nobody among you will want to buy a camera and waste money on it and get a narrow viewing range. Make sure that your CCTV camera installation has a viewing range or angle of about 130 degrees. Security cameras need to give their best and get a wide view of all the possible areas to help in cases of any burglary. And as a matter of fact, you are buying this security camera for protection from burglary not to intrude on your kid’s privacy or to know what they are doing when you are away.

Range of Wi-Fi

When we get to wireless connections then the number one thing you should look into is that your camera must maintain a Wi-Fi range without considering how far it’s moved away from the initial router. This matter is a fact of concern when it comes to large houses if you really want to make your family and yourself feel safe then go for a CCTV camera installation which has an Ethernet port, this will give you the ability to plug it into your home network.

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