Dome Camera

Live Risk-Free By Installing Advanced Dome Camera Setup

This is the age of technology and we have already seen how they can help us in many tremendous ways. Just look at the rise in crimes in many parts of the world. You know you cannot anticipate the criminal activities, however, you can record the events and later on capture the culprits with the help of a Dome Camera setup.

They have become massively popular in quick time. The fact that they are often installed at a height enabling them to work without ever getting noticed by the criminals. Normally, the criminals will survey the area before doing anything. The structure of these security devices makes them hidden for the keenest eyes. In this way, you can record everything without coming in the eyesight of the dome camera criminals.

Dome Cameras

With the added advantage of network connectivity, you can view the footage as and when you desire. It is a perfect security solution where you can easily whatever happening on the installed location without needing to be present there all the time. You can also prevent many criminal activities from ever happening if you sense something suspicious.

The security devices are available in various configurations. You can select the right device according to your security requirement. Just select a device with a high-resolution dome camera to capture every little detail with full clarity. As the coverage area of these security devices is more than the traditional security devices, you will lose details if you opt for a low-resolution device.

The pan, tilt and zoom features of these devices are extremely useful to easily cover the large area. Normally, they are installed in commercial and industrial places. Their prices are still a bit on the higher side, however, their advantages far outweigh the price comfortably. You just have to pick the right device and its right installation space to get an amazing security system up and running.


The night vision features of these security devices allow us to capture even in the absence of any light source. Often, the criminal activities took place in the dark hours. Therefore, it would be wise to have a security device that can record perfectly well in low light or dark situations. The devices capture the footage in low light or night with the help of infra-red lights.

These security devices have revolutionized the way we used to protect dome camera many places. The picture and video quality have improved a lot since their inception and continue to improve every year. You can have your peace of mind by installing a robust dome IP camera on your premises. The ability to transmit and store the recorded footage over the network gives them an edge over other security devices in the market.

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