Celebrate New Year's

6 Spectacular Cities to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in USA!

As we look toward the coming of the New Year, check out our countdown of the top cities to celebrate New Year in USA. From Chicago and New York City to San Francisco

What makes these the best cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA? Well, for one, they host some of the best ever, most spectacular, and widely telecast New Year’s events in the entire world. Two, these cities happen to be among the best destinations to visit across the globe. Also, let’s not forget that the US is also among the most diverse destinations in the world. Whether you wish to have a blast on New Year’s Eve or are looking to have a simple family outing, the US offers it all. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of awesome cities to celebrate the New Year in the USA.

Have you made up your mind about where you’d like to ring in 2019? Let’s have a look at some of the top cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA. 

Top US Cities to Spend New Years in:
Celebrate New Year's

New Year is that fantastic time of the year when you bid adieu to the past and hope for a brighter future. It’s a highly exciting time which urges us to look back on our accomplishments and to celebrate the arriving future with loved ones. Check our list of the best cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA and find one you like best.

1. New York City

Take note party lovers, the Big Apple beckons! Quite possibly the biggest ever New Year’s party, the gathering at Times Square is nothing less than a global event. Thousands of revelers gather here at midnight as the ceremonial ball lowers amid excited anticipation. Soon enough, confetti, fireworks, balloons, and whatnot announce that the New Year is here. What could be a more exciting place than this to spend New Year’s!

2. Chicago

Celebrate New Year's

One of the best cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA, visit Chicago even if you have to do in on last-minute flights. If you have kids, the best place to head to is Navy Pier. Replete with fireworks, food, rides, and other entertainment, you are sure to ring in the New Year in fun and style. If you’re the dancing and party-all-night types, you should go to the Chicago Resolution Gala. There are more than 30 bars, scores of buffet spots, Lakeview Terrace, and Grand Ballroom. With everything right here, there’s no need to go anywhere else!

3. San Francisco

You will seldom come across such a terrific bayfront fireworks display. It’s one of the best places to spend New Years in the world. The city offers countless awesome attractions to explore in the daytime and ample parties to enjoy at night. One of the top US cities to visit, San Francisco offers a brilliant fireworks display between the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building. Spectacularly lighting up the night sky, the fireworks display is among the best ones in the world.

4. Los Angeles

Celebrate New Year's

This is among the best places to go for New Years in California. The awesome thing about Los Angeles is that since it’s so vast, it has the scope to offer all sorts of celebration options. Feel like a warehouse party? You can do that here. Want to rub shoulders with the elite in LA? You can do that as well. One of the biggest events is held at Grand Park. There is live music, food trucks, and a lot more. However, there’s no alcohol here so expect this to be among the best cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA for families.

5. New Orleans

New Year is the next big thing after Mardi Gras in New Orleans. One of the topmost cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA, New Orleans offers its own unique set of traditions to ring in the New Year. The popular Bourbon Street Strip is where the party begins before the enchanted crowds flock all the way to Jackson Square for some mind-numbing live music. Soon after drops the massive fleur de li on top of Jack Brewery signaling the advent of the New Year. Taking this cue, fireworks light up the sky over the spectacular Mississippi River. What better place than to book business class flights to for New Year’s!

6. Las Vegas

Celebrate New Year's

Think one gigantic block party. Sharp at midnight, the Vegas casinos launch a well-timed and choreographed dazzling display of fireworks. The strip is blocked and around 300,000 revelers hit the ground dancing and partying the night away. Elsewhere, the likes of Maroon 5, Tenacious D, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, and Jay Leno are belting out some of their best performances. Imagine showbiz at its brilliant best. Vegas is most definitely one of the best cities to celebrate New Year in the USA.

        Have you made your choice from the list of cities to celebrate New Year in the USA? These are just a handful. There are countless more options such as Denver, Miami, Dallas, Orlando, Honolulu, San Antonio, Nashville, and Portland among others. 

So when you book cheap flights to the USA from India at Indian Eagle or elsewhere in the world for a New Year’s Eve visit, check destinations carefully. Look at other cities not mentioned in our list of the best cities to Celebrate New Year’s in the USA before you make your final choice. Have the best New Year’s yet!

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