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10 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow

Slowing down of a Computer Slow is a very common problem for many Windows users. There can be a number of reasons for performance issue.

Here I am pointing the common reasons for this problem:

  1. Many programs running simultaneously

Computer Slow

In today’s world, it is possible to perform many tasks at the same time. But this depends on your system’s memory and processing speed. If the memory and processing are low then it will not allow for the seamless switching from one program to another. Many users install some sort of software to increase the optimization of RAM but, it only consumes RAM and CPU. You should uninstall all the programs which are not in use.

  1. Low Free Hard drive space

Free space is the amount of space on the hard drive that can be written to and that isn’t in use. More free space helps to perform quicker. If a system does not have ample free space then the windows may go into a critical condition known as thrashing. It occurs when both disk space and memory space is full. Hard drive space is filled by downloads, programs, updates to programs, temporary files, and associated files of deleted files. The best way is to deep clean your system from all unnecessary files and downloads.

  1. Excessive add-ons

Computer Slow

Browser extensions are used to enhance your web experience but in some case, it might slow down your Computer Slow by consuming processing power. Some add-ons look like search protectors and popup blockers may be browser adware which slows down the Computer Slow speed. Always check the add-ons before downloading. If you have any faulty extension then removes it.

  1. The hard drive is corrupted

  A Computer Slow hard drive can corrupt due to many causes; one of the most common reasons is improper shutdown. The hard drive crashes due to a sudden power cut. The other reasons for hard drive corruption are viruses and malware. For this purpose install a good antivirus in your system. Contact Webroot Phone Number for getting details and exclusive deals.

  1. Multiple browser tabs

Computer Multiple browser tabs

When you are opening multiple tabs together, your browser hogging more than its fair RAM share. Whenever you open a new browser tab, it is saved in RAM. If your RAM has very low free space then this will slow down your computer. To resolve this issue you can bookmark the necessary links and shut those tabs.

  1. Too Many Background Programs

If you have security utility in your system then set it to not scan your device in the background. Most of the time, when these security programs scan the system, it decreases the overall performance.

  1. Windows revision

computer Windows revision

Windows updates itself once a weak approximately. Windows reboot itself and install patches to add new features and plug security holes. This is good but it leaves a huge mess on your disk. One of the largest culprits is uninstalled points. These uninstall points roll back to the prior version of Windows. It took lots of space hence decrease performance.

  1. Disk Fragmentation

Disk fragmentation is one the main issue for slowing down the Computer Slow. Once the disk gets fragmented it takes about 10 times as long to read and write basic information.

  1. Internet Cache

 Windows stores every image you open on the on the internet on your drive. It will easily open that image next time. But this creates chaos in your hard drive.

  1. Viruses and malware

There are many types of viruses and malware. Some can harm hack your device and get your personal information. And some just sit quietly and eats the disk space. The way to get rid of these viruses is to use a reliable antivirus. There are many anti-viruses present in the market. Choose the best according to your need. Panda Security antivirus provides a good safeguard to our device. For more details call Panda Support.

So, these are some reasons for slowing down your Computer Slow. There can be many more reasons for this problem. If you want to share and suggestion, comment down below.

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