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Challenges Faced During A Recruitment Process

The job of a recruiter is incredibly strategic because their recruitment decides the future of a company. If they don’t recruit the best candidate their business won’t run and the company to whom they are recruiting the candidate will also get affected due to the weak quality candidate. Nowadays the direct hire agencies or the recruitment agencies are mostly following the talent management process, but still, they face numerous recruitment challenges. But many strategies or process like talent management process, systematic layoff procedure has reduced the recruitment challenges.

The Typical Recruitment Challenges Recruiters Face

  • Competition Of Talent- When recruiters set benchmarks and multiple candidates who qualify that benchmark is approaching for the vacancy. However, recruiters cannot place every individual. Here comes the tough time to decide. The best way to get rid of this issue is to select the person who comes first. It is tough to choose between equally eligible candidate; this is why the recruiters prefer the first candidate who comes. But there are chances for the candidates who come later if the first chosen candidate opts for another job.
  • High Demand for the Candidate– People say that there is not much job for an HR. Though the statement is not at all incorrect, if you are talented enough people will approach you with an appointment. This why talented people get calls for various employment and that is why the recruiter face the problem. Sometimes the recruiter chooses a candidate, but the candidate chooses another job. Then the situation makes you run the recruiter process again. But most of the direct placement agencies have candidates in their collection and most of the time place the candidate immediately after a brief.
  • Client Absorbs Employee Slowly– Absorbing employees slowly is a functional habit of every company. There is no remedy to sort it out. Once a client asks you for recruitment, they may take action on this after quite a long time because in most of the corporates they run the process with predicted steps which takes a lot of time. Sometimes the transaction project manager creates more delay. The client might not understand how difficult it is to keep the right candidate in hand. Even if direct hire agencies offer a candidate, they take the same time to absorb the candidate.
  • Talents are not well Justified with Salary- In many cases, the recruiters cannot send the best candidate because the salary offered does not match with the candidate’s expectations. Companies don’t understand that if they are seeking the best talent to work for them, they should pay a justified amount. Due to this recruitment challenge, the direct placement agencies sometimes couldn’t place the right candidate, which causes a significant problem during recruitment.
  • Low employee retention– One of the significant recruitment challenges that are commonly faced is that the issue with employee retention. In general, the new recruitments work for around 6 months and then leave the job which also put a lousy remark on recruitment. The rate of less employee retention is so high that it has become the most prominent among all recruitment challenges.
  • Data-driven recruitment- Many direct hire agencies recruit the candidate-driven on the data they provide, but the talent management process does not support this system. Because to find the perfect employee there need to be appropriate skills and that too verified by the recruiter. But when the recruitment is required to be in a hurry, the recruiter has to rely on data-driven candidates.
  • Getting good companies to recruit– Among all recruitment challenges getting good companies to hire is also a significant problem. If the recruiter gets good companies to recruit, they can better show their capabilities. The direct placement agencies generally work on this ‘strawberry’ to get good companies and place the best candidate as soon as possible.
  • Creating an organized recruitment process– A big task of a recruiter is to design the recruitment process. If the process is well organized the work becomes more comfortable. This can be a recruitment challenge because the recruiter needs to recruit others. This is also supported by the operations managers of most companies.

These were some of the challenges that generally all the managers and employees face. Let’s get to know how to overcome these challenges.

How to get over the recruitment challenges

Though not all recruitment challenges have an easy solution for some of them have. The below stated remedies to overcome recruitment challenges will be quite helpful for all recruiters. Even the management consultants also support these remedies.

  • Prefer experienced candidate– Though the freshers should also get the chance to get a better job when it comes to direct placement agencies the recruiter has to go through the previous experience of the candidate and to make them understand the job role better. An experienced candidate will also absorb the work process fast.
  • Train your team before hiring– A whole recruitment process cannot be run by one or two people. This is why the direct recruitment agencies need to train their entire team of recruiters to shortlist the better candidate from the beginning.
  • Build a recruitment strategy- Before starting the recruitment process making a plan of it is extremely important. Because if the work runs through a planned schedule, then it gets easier to get the final result. It has also benefitted and brought an enormous change in the management procedure of recruitment.

Bottom line

Overall recruitment is always a hectic process, and there are numerous recruitments challenges a recruiter will face in their career, but there are remedies too. The operation improvement specialist suggests that if the recruiter works in a systematic way the recruitment process gets more comfortable to reach and it also supports the talent management process. For the direct placement agencies, it is highly essential to be organized because they will need to recruit candidates immediately. Extensive homework is highly needed for immediate hire agencies and hires feasibility study managers. Overall all recruitment process requires excellent strategy, planning and also the right team to recruit the best candidate for the job.

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