Car Roof Lining

How to Clean Car Roof Lining?

The roof lining of a Car Roof Lining is a part that is often overlooked while cleaning the interiors. There are many important accessories like the sunshade, cabin lights and grip handles that are installed in the roof liner. A stained roof lining makes the interior look unclean and unattractive.

Roof lining also is known as the headliner, makes your Car Roof Lining interior look more appealing.  It is essential to clean the headliner regularly to offer the interiors a clean and uniform appearance. Moreover, you feel good to sit and travel in your car. Here are some tips to clean your car’s roof lining.

Method 1 – Regular Spot cleaning

Car Roof Lining

This method is useful for regular car cleaning of the headliner and minor stains or spots. You need an upholstery cleaner, a microfiber cloth, and a soft brush to clean the headliner. Spray the cleanser on the brush and move the wet brush on all the areas of the roof liner.

Spend more time on the spots and move the brush in small circular movements. Apply a little pressure so that the lather works deep into the fabric to clean the stains. Don’t apply excess pressure as it may damage the fabric.

Using a brush and upholstery cleaner can remove the dirt and stains from any part of the roof liner. After cleaning with the brush, wipe the wet spots with a dry microfiber cloth.

Method 2 – Cleaning tough stains

In this method, you will use a stiff bristled brush to clean the stains. Use the upholstery cleaner and brush in the same way as in the first method to clean the tougher stains. Then wipe the cleanser with a soft microfiber cloth.

If the stains are still visible after cleaning with a brush, they need steam cleaning. You don’t need to buy a steam cleaner as they are available on rent. If they are not available on rent in your area, buy a small steam cleaner.

Fill the steamer with water and switch it ON to prepare the steam. Point the nozzle of the steam cleaner on the spot at a 2-inch gap. Spray the steam on the entire area to let the steam remove the dirt from the stains.

Don’t shoot the steam for more than 5 seconds or it may remove the adhesive under the fabric and detach it from the roof liner. Then blot the wet fabric with a dry microfiber cloth. In case the stains are still visible, you need to use another spray of steam to remove the stains.

The steam cleaning method works best for removing the tough stains of oil or any other liquid like cold drinks. In case the steam method does not work for your headliner, you must try a more in-depth cleaning method.

Method 3 – Deep Cleaning Method

clean interior roof car

You need an upholstery cleaning machine for the removal of toughest stains and spots. The device uses hot water and cleaner to clean the deepest stains from the roof liner. To use the deep cleaning method, you need a cleaning machine, cleaning solution, and tap water.

Put the tap water and cleaning solution in the machine and switch on the machine. Check the instructions for the ration of cleaning solution and water to be used. You can read the instructions on the device and the bottle of the cleaning solution.

Before starting the cleaning, you need to cover the seats, dashboard and boot space with the plastic sheets or newspapers to save the interior from the drippings.

Fix a small cleaning adapter on the hose of the machine and point the adapter on the spot that needs cleaning.  Press the trigger to spray the cleaner and move the tool along the surface of the liner. Use a brush with stiff bristles to clean the stains. Move the brush in circular movements on the stains.

You don’t need to use the brush on the entire surface, but only on the tough stains. The cleaning adapter will do its job perfectly on the headliner. Move the adapter uniformly over the whole area to perform a uniform cleaning.

Move the adapter in the same direction for a uniform appearance after drying. The headliner will become too wet after using this method, that you may need a full day for drying. Park the Car Roof Lining inside your home and leave the windows open for at least six hours to let the headliner dry completely.

After the roof lining has dried completely, remove the plastic sheets from the interiors to check if there are any drippings from the roof. Clean the drippings with a damp microfiber cloth and run your hand on the roof liner to remove the lines made by the cleaning adapter.

Final Words

Cleaning your roof lining is essential to maintain the overall cleanliness and hygiene in the car. The steps mentioned in this post are the best tips to clean a car roof lining. If your car roof liner is sagging or damaged, you should contact the services like car roof lining repair Gold Coast to get it fixed before cleaning. Following these steps can help any car owner to clean the roof lining and help others to do the same.

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