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Which Foods & Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

Not all Foods and Drinks are good for your teeth. Some can pose great risks to eventually led to tooth decay and other grave dental health concerns. So, it’s important to choose your Foods and Drinks and beverages carefully and stay on the right side of your dental health. More importantly, your focus should be on eating only those items not known to causing plaque and inviting bacterial growth. If you could keep both these harmful things at bay, your dental health will always be in pin state for sure. And yes, your oral care to matters a lot so don’t ignore it ever.

Let’s look at some Foods and Drinks that can harm your teeth

1. Sticky, hard and sour candies

sour candies

Candies are bad for your teeth whether they are sticky, hard or sour in nature. They all contain different types of acids which can harm your teeth greatly. What’s more, they are sticky in nature so will stay longer on your teeth causing more damage than other sugary items. And yes, if you don’t wash your mouth immediately after eating candies, cavities will be the end result.

2. Bread Foods and Drinks

brad Food

Did you now your regular bread is harmful to your teeth? Well, it becomes so because your saliva can break down the starch in the bread into sugar, and you know sugar is always bad for your teeth in any form. The worse is, the bread can stick between the teeth for longer and cause cavities.

3.  Alcohol


Alcohol is not only bad for your overall health but also for your teeth as well. People who drink alcohol tend to have dry mouth characterized by a lack of saliva. And when saliva is lacked inside the mouth, this lets Foods and Drinks and plaque and bacteria to remain stuck inside your mouth and cause dental problems in plenty. That’s why eating or drinking anything that disturbs saliva production or balance in the mouth is bad for teeth.

4. Carbonated Foods and Drinks

Food & Drinks

The fizzy and carbonated drinks you so endearingly guzzle down by the bottle can harm your teeth greatly. These drinks help produce more acid in the mouth which can attack tooth enamel. Your teeth get coated in acid and your mouth turns dry, as this condition harm your teeth a lot. Worse still, colorful Foods and Drinks can also cause stained or discolored teeth and this can compromise your smile hugely.

5. Citrus

Citrus food

Any fruits and Foods and Drinks high in acid can harm your teeth a lot. And this why citrus like oranges and lemons should be consumed in restraint. Their acid content can erode enamel and gradually weaken your tooth structure. Even if you want to benefit from their antioxidants and vitamins, it’s advisable to have them in moderation and at right time, preferably at mealtime.

6. Potato Chips

Potato Chips food

Your favorite potato chips are bad for your teeth. Stop eating them and rather switch to something more enriching as snacks. Because, the copious starch in your chips gets converted into sugar when you eat them, and you know how bad sugar is for teeth. Worse still, this sticky form of sugar can remain stuck between the teeth to become food for bacteria in plaque and this multiplies the dental risk further.

7. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Not all dried fruits are a healthy snack and the earlier you know the better. Some of them tend to be sticky and naturally, will get stuck between the teeth and their crevices. This is how sugar stays for longer in the mouth and when that happens your teeth are always at risk. So, stop consuming raisins, figs, and apricots and if possible, consult the dentist to know more about tooth cavity treatment for yourself.

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