Importance of Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance is something we all know about cars. Did you know that your roof also needs to be maintained?

Regular maintenance is something we all know about cars. Did you know that your roof also needs to be maintained?

You are not the only one who answered “no” to this question. A majority of people don’t consider having an annual roof inspection. Keeping your roof in good condition is essential to protect your roof investment

This article will explain what roof maintenance is and how it is done. It also explains why it is important.

What’s roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance refers to the periodic inspection of any roof areas that are susceptible to a problem. It will vary depending on whether the roof is residential or commercial.

There are certain things that your contractor will do when they come to inspect your roof. Here are some common ways that your contractor will maintain your roof.

Inspect your pipe boots for wear and cracks . Roof leaks are most often caused by cracked pipe boots. When temperatures drop dramatically in winter, the neoprene gasket around the plumbing vent stack will crack and allow water infiltration. That is why it becomes important to hire a commercial roofing pasadena company.

Clear away debris from roof, gutters, and valleys. This can cause water to pool under the shingles, causing a leak. Leafs in gutters can block the downspouts and slow the flow of water. This can lead to gutters overflowing and unwanted moisture in the basement or crawl space.

Check your roof for signs of animal intrusionThe attic is a safe place for small animals. They can cause serious damage to your home by chewing on electrical wiring, causing leaks and creating biohazardous waste. Early detection is key. And that is why you should hire Roof maintenance company Pasadena

Check ventilationto ensure proper operation of fans or turbines, or for obstructions in ridge vents. Condensation can cause plywood decking to deteriorate if it isn’t vented. This can lead to delamination and weakening of the layers, as well as possible shingle blowoffs and eventual deck replacement.

Check for missing or loose caulking and flashings. Caulking is vital to keep exposed nail heads on roof penetrations flanges (the area above the shingles) watertight. It is essential to keep metal flashing in brick walls or chimneys watertight.

Roof maintenance company Pasadena

Why roof maintenance is important?

Roof maintenance is a great investment that will ensure your roof’s long-term health. It is important to have an annual inspection of your roof, even if it has been properly installed.

Prevents Future Problems

An annual inspection will identify potential problems and give you peace of mind.

Preventative measures are the most important reason to maintain your roof. In just six months, a minor problem can become a major problem.

It’s easy and cheap to fix a crack in a pipe boots, for example. If it’s not caught, it can cause damage of up to $500, $300, and $400 to your ceiling.

Roof maintenance can prevent costly problems down the road. Your contractor will inspect your roof and identify potential problems.

Roof maintenance extends the roof’s life expectancy.

Simple maintenance every year will prolong your roof’s lifespan. Depending on the material, your new asphalt roofing should last at least 25 years. Regular maintenance will ensure that you get at least 25 years.

You’ll receive a report depending on how often it is done. This will tell you what stage your roof has reached and how old it is. Your roof should be checked regularly, just as your car needs oil changes.

Maintenance is essential if you want to extend the life of your roof.

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