Heavy Equipment Tires

Commercial Tires For Heavy Equipment

Tires have the ability to enhance the performance of the equipment. Here are some of the issues that can slow down your project if you use a wrong tire.

When it comes to heavy equipment, there is a lot of different equipment depending on what you need to have done. For each of the equipment, there are a few different tires that can be used to improve the performance of it. Tires have the ability to enhance the performance of the equipment, so it is not only the selection of the right equipment for the job you need to have done, but you also need to select the appropriate tire for the job at hand.

With the wrong tire selection, you might experience downtime due to tire problems and in worst cases even personal injuries. Industrial tires operate at very high pressures and are heavy and operate on heavy equipment, which means that there needs to be a proper safety procedure in place for handling with the tires. Accidents do occur and even inflating the tire should be done in a safety cage just to prevent accidents. Tires are though pretty safe if handled correctly and if you deal with high-quality products.

If you end up selecting the wrong tire for your equipment or for the work conditions, you might be slowing down the work time significantly. Here are some of the issues that can slow down your project and cause delays:

Not able to handle the load

If the tire selected is not able to handle the load needed, you have a problem from the start. It is important to check the tires technical manual to ensure that the load capacity for the tire and what you intend to need are in line. Excessive load can cause the tires to crack and rupture. This should be avoided by selecting a tire that can handle the load.

Heavy Equipment load Tires


Some work environments are very harsh for the tires with sharp rocks and tree stubs sticking out of the ground, which require a very durable tire with a cut and crack resistant rubber compound and steel belt reinforced carcass. The right tire will handle the harshest conditions, but make sure that you select a tire that can handle the conditions that you aim to use it within.

Heavy Equipment Tires


The various surfaces impact the performance a lot, you can have weather conditions that require tires that can handle snow and ice or then just mud. The wrong tire selection can leave you with a tire that just slips and delays your work. There are tires that are able to handle all different conditions, so it is just up to proper selection. The surfaces can also be soft, so you need special tires that can handle soft surfaces with low impact. This can be when doing work on lawns e.g. where you want to leave the lawn looking good after the work is completed. It can also be that you are doing agriculture and need special agriculture tires, which are often flotation tires.


You have special tires for on and for off-road use. Using an off-road tire on road might cause high heat build up which increases the wear. You need to select an on/off road tire that is capable of handling situations.

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