Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization – How to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

Just last week I was tasked for a preliminary evaluation of a website for the purpose of its SEO audit.

Now, this website belongs to one web design Abu Dhabi business that was offering services across UAE.  Now interestingly it was responsive web design and was getting decent traffic from various channels. However, the problem faced by the company was more about conversion optimization. See, the website was receiving decent traffic, which simply means that they have invested right to some extent for marketing purpose, but wasn’t able to convert the landing visitors into customers.

The overall analysis of the website reveals that the company hadn’t done badly in terms of balancing the various elements that go into successful web design, however, I was able to single out few mistakes (or should I say blunders) that were obstructing the conversion rates for the business.

Let’s see some few of those blunders that I figured out and how you can avoid those to maximize your ROI.

–    Content Optimizations

Conversion Optimization SEO

There is a reason why they say, “Content is King”. Let’s just agree that the digital industry has come a long way since its inception decades ago. In all those years many new elements have made their way in and out of search engine algorithms. However, one thing that has retained its importance throughout the decades is the content.

Now, coming back to the website we were discussing, so the problem was virtually the absence of content on the site. There was hardly any content on the homepage, while service pages doesn’t have anything more than few lines. The content lack niche and relevance to the business model and how they bring difference to their services against hundreds of other businesses offering similar services.

Remember, this is a common problem which has plagued many websites. Remember, as a website, content is your selling point/differentiator with the task to convince visitors to buy your product. Now, I am not saying that you should go with stretchy irrelevant stories (that is actually harmful), but you should be able to open up a little bit about your business model and that why you think you can deliver a better service to customers.

–    No identified Target Audience

Target Audience

Another big blunder for the website in talking was that the business owners literally made no attempt to identify the targeted audience for their services.

Even for a service like web design and development, you need to identify the target audience and target them with proper actions. For instance, when I got to talk with the business behind the website, I realized that they were more inclined to target small and medium businesses; which utterly lacked in the website.

Remember, there is no room for a business without a target market. You can only effectively deliver your message a certain group of market whom you have thoroughly understood and researched about.

–    Business Differentiation

Lastly, the business lack to define any USP or business differentiation. They didn’t even try to highlight any one key area where they stand out from others.

With hundreds of businesses competing in a similar industry, it’s just self-annihilating to not define your business USP and expect customers to just choose you blindly.

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