Amazon Pay ICICI credit card

Smart ways to use your Amazon Pay ICICI credit card for a high credit score

The availability of credit cards has helped us to address the primary issues we face when we are in dire need of immediate finances.

There is an immediate demand for money in the present market and this is why banks are willing to offer credit cards to the consumer so that the required demands can be fulfilled in due course of time. A credit allows an individual to make payments on credit at any point in time. Careful usage of the credit card and making the due payments on time will help the user to establish a well-defined credit score. This directly affects the individual’s ability to initiate more transactions on a credit basis.

Now with the help of Amazon and ICICI bank, the facilities of a credit card can be utilized by frequent amazon buyers. With the introduction of Amazon Pay ICICI card, you can make purchases on credit and also uncap reward points on Amazon Prime. The amenity of this credit card can only be enjoyed by ICICI bank customers who are also active purchasers on Amazon India. All you need to do is apply for the said credit card option without any legal paperwork and can activate the use of the card immediately by shopping online on Amazon. You can visit this page to know more about the Amazon Pay ICICI card.

However, just like any other credit card services, it is essential that you maintain a high credit score so that maximum benefits can be enjoyed in the long run. Let us now look at some smart ways which will help you to achieve a high credit score for your Amazon Pay ICICI card:

Monitor Credit Usage Limitations


Always make sure to select the option of replayability as per your income and ability to pay back the debt. The lending company concerned namely Amazon and ICICI bank will analyze your ability to payback amount due and will finalize your credit utilization limit. However, as an individual, it should be your responsibility to make sure that you do not exceed the margin. Maintaining a balance between the maximum credit utilization level and the final amount to be paid will help you to boost your overall credit score. On the other hand, overextending on the credit level will adversely affect your credit score option.

Plan your card expenses

It is essential to analyze your monthly expenses before you make the final decision of purchase. Sometimes there are various consumer loan plans are that are available on the purchase of any electronic gadgets for example. Depending on the interest rates the decision of purchase should be finalized as the rate offered in most cases is lower than the credit card interest rates. Mapping out your expenses and chalking out an effective plan will help you to maintain a favourable credit score.

Be aware of the offers provided

There is a multitude of offers that are made available on Amazon India, especially during the festival season. Being aware of these offers will help you to save money and will also maintain your credit score. Keeping track of all the offers and discounts provided can be done by going through your emails and checking the promotional message regularly.

Make payments on time

It is always beneficial to clear your credit card dues by the due date itself. Ensuring that the payment is made on time will also keep a check on the interest rates. Therefore, it is imperative that you take full responsibility of your credit card and make sure to only purchase the essential, or plan your purchase accordingly to maintain a healthy credit score on your Amazon Pay ICICI card.

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