Deep Root Feeding for Trees

The Importance of Deep Root Feeding for Trees

Deep root fertilization is a process that ensures your tree gets the right amount of nutrients and fluids. In this process, a high-quality organic nutrient solution is poured into holes that are dug around the tree. These essential nutrients help the tree to get back in health and shape. It basically aerates the roots. It is the best way to feed your trees because the trees get the water and nutrients directly. It is also great for saving water. If you use deep root feeding for trees three times a year they will maintain good health. It is proven environment-friendly because it reduces erosion, evaporation, and it is also good for pest control. The soil under our trees is not full of microbes and microorganisms that a tree needs. It is just dirt which has nothing in particular. 

How is it Done?

The main purpose of deep root fertilization of trees is to encourage plant and tree growth by maintaining healthy soil underneath them. If the soil under the tree is full of microbes and organic matter, the tree will nourish. So it is important to do it right if you need the results. 

  • We dig tiny holes in the soil near the tree and they are about 6-12 feet deep. Holes should be at least 2-3 feet apart from each other. 
  • Then we take a pressure hose to pump the fertilizer liquid in it. The liquid must be pumped with great pressure if you want it to get it to the roots of the trees. 
  • Also the injection holes throughout the root zone. They are also being dug up around the drip line of the tree. 
  • When you dig holes in the soil it also aerates it because now the oxygen reaches directly to the soil. It is also really beneficial for the trees. 
  • Sometimes the soils are disturbed as in the transplanting process. After that trees need years to recover from that and build up new strength. In droughts, it takes at least 45 years for them to recover. It is advised to have deep root feeding for trees once every two years. It should be a part of your landscape management program. 

What should is the Best Time for it?

Usually, deep root fertilization should be done every two years in spring or fall. But in serious situations like damage of roots, deep root fertilization can be done more often if your tree health is decaying. In the case of diseases and insect attacks, deep root feeding can provide that extra strength to battle with these atrocities. If you are looking for professional fertilization services then deep root feeding for trees Torontowould be best for you. 

Which Liquid Fertilizer to Choose?

This is a very common question asked by people who want the best care and nutrients for their trees. In this case, you should choose a product that is full of essential micro-nutrients, microbes, organic matter, and humates. These components will play a great role in reconstructing your soil food web. This will provide your trees with all the nutrients both micro and macro that it needs to survive. It creates a very good pH for your soil which greatly benefits your trees. The highly functional food web in the soil promotes the growth and development of the trees and shrubs in your garden or lawn. Be very precise about what you inject in your soil your trees will be grateful. If you need professional assistance or a free estimate in Mississauga then check out deep root feeding for trees Mississauga.

Importance of Deep Root Fertilization 

  • It is a very efficient way to maintain healthy trees. You never know when the weather conditions are going to change. It also helps in the periods of drought. 
  • If the trees are struggling with heat, frost, diseases, or insects then it is a great way to build up their strength and vigor. This will help them fight off the disease and get rid of insects. 
  • Pruning and deep root feeding trees done at the same time will make them strong and healthy. They will develop high immunity and strength. 
  • If you transplanted your tree then it will help build up a new root system for your trees. If your tree’s roots are not strong, how is it going to get the nutrients?
  • It is better to deep root feed your trees because top feeding loses essential nutrients to unwanted shrubs and grass. 
  • If you are looking for deep root feeding for trees in Etobicoke then contact Forest Hill Forestry for a free estimate. 

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