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Designing The Best Built-in Wardrobes

More and more people are opting for fitted bedroom furniture in particularly (but not limited to) fitted wardrobes. With modern-day’s busy pace of life, it has become a valuable asset to have versatile allocated storage in one central location. This allows for the maximization of living space while maintaining a sense of order and organization combined with ease of access to all your bedroom necessities.

One advantage of built-in wardrobes Sydney is the ability to utilize space fully. Finding furniture to fit a location perfectly (e.g. alcoves) is difficult and will usually result in a compromise of some kind. Also (with regards to the tall houses of North London) if you needed to utilize the full height of a room, the practicality of the size and angles (sparing you a lesson in geometry or Pythagoras’s theorem) would be such that a carpenter would be required to assemble the furniture in its standing position, therefore a pre-made full height unit would not usually be feasible.

Bespoke furniture

Wardrobe Designs Clothes

Bespoke fitted furniture is the best solution for irregular room shapes as the unit can be built to suit the profile of the location, making use of all available storage space and creating a more complete overall finish with no unsightly gaps.

Perfect for storage

Having a built-in wardrobe installer designed presents an opportunity to fine-tune your bedroom storage in a wholly personal way, for example, a woman’s storage requirements can vary significantly to a man’s. Whilst women may require provisions for long-hanging dresses or multiple drawer storage for smaller items; men often prefer shelving options for folded shirts or sweaters and separate hanging for suits. For non-standard wardrobe depth sizes, men’s suits are usually the main consideration so as to avoid crumpling when the doors are closed. Oh! did I mention women’s shoes?… Enough said!

For full-height units the high-level storage area can be arranged to accommodate bedding supplies, storage containers or any other practical shelving preference.

Match the design features

Bespoke furniture Wardrobes clothes

Of course a big-plus to having your wardrobe built to a specification, is the ability to create new or match existing design features. There are many variants that can be incorporated to make a wardrobe fit not only practically but visually also. Wardrobes tend to use-up a significant percentage of a room’s wall-space. Some clients choose to make it a focal point of the room whereas others prefer to simplify and blend into the room’s décor as seamlessly as possible. Of course, color will play a significant part in a wardrobe’s overall appearance and aesthetic feel.

Whatever your requirements may be, a custom wardrobes Sydney will be the most practical storage option for your bedroom, and if constructed and fitted properly it will give you tailored, trouble-free storage for years to come.

Simple yet elegant

It should be simple, yet elegant and always stylish, interior designs, especially for your bedroom. With the perfect style of wardrobes, you will be able to accomplish just that. You do not need to alter your bedroom in any other way. All you need is one piece of furniture that will add that touch of class to your room. This will bring out the true personality of your bedroom. By properly planning out and designing how you want your wardrobes to look while placed in your room, you can create a room capable of storing your everyday needs in one place.

Today’s homes are quite compact and pleasant. They tend to have a limited amount of space in the bedroom and most of the times the bathroom is not en-suite. So you have to make the most of whatever space you have available. Limit yourself to having a smaller bed so you can have more space to display your wardrobe. If you have a spacious bedroom, you can have a built-in wardrobe on the other hand. Built-in wardrobes are your best option if you have ample space and have a big budget to go along with it. This way you will be able to ensure that your room has enough space for other furniture.

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