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Artificial Intelligence Can Cause Huge Job Loss by 2035

with the advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, it is expected that in 2035, there will be huge loss of jobs that will lead to a big crises.

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly because, with the help of artificial intelligence, we are creating such robots that have human-like characteristics. We are using artificial intelligence from Google’s search engines to autonomous weapons. Today, we are also using AI to perform narrow tasks like face reorganization etc. We are also using artificial intelligence in different firms and organizations. It means that artificial intelligence is also replacing human beings from their jobs. It is expected that artificial intelligence will cause huge job loss by 2035. Artificial intelligence will cause huge job loss by 2035 in the following ways;


Telemarketers artificial intelligence
3d rendering humanoid robot working with headset and monitor

It is a fact that most people don’t like to purchase from a telemarketer. Moreover, the impact of direct telephone calls on sales of a business is also less than 10%. For the success of telemarketing, we don’t require a high level of social and emotional techniques from human beings. These things are showing that we can easily take this role to automated calls. There are some companies that are using robocalls to sell their products and services. It is expected that till 2035, the human career growth rate in the telemarketing industry will be declined to 1% or even 0%.

Compensation and Benefits Managers:

Nowadays, we can see that the sizes of multinational companies are increasing day by day. That’s why job growth in these companies is also increasing. It is expected that till 2024, job growth in these companies will be increased to 7%. After that, these companies will feel that human and paper made systems are creating lots of hurdles, they are time-consuming and they are costly too. Therefore, they will move towards artificial intelligence. When these companies move towards artificial intelligence, the jobs of compensation and benefits managers will be at high risk.


Nowadays, when we are going to the offices of large companies, we see that there are receptionists who are handling phone calls and other tasks of offices. These receptionists are scheduling meetings of their bosses and they are also handling calls of clients. In the future, it is also expected that artificial intelligence will be a better choice than human beings for the jobs of Receptionists. Modern technology companies and multinational corporations will not require office-wide phone systems and receptionists in order to handle their phone calls and to schedule their meetings.


As we know that there are lots of courier companies which are providing fast delivery services to their clients. In order to deliver parcels of customers, they have to hire courier boys. In other words, lots of human beings are hired by these courier companies. In the future, it is also expected that these courier and delivery people will also be replaced by drones and robots. These drones and robots will be available for these companies at the lowest costs and they will have the capacity to work for 24 hours without any kind of delay.

Market Research Analysts:

For the development of messaging, content, services like dissertation writing services and products of a company, we can’t deny the importance of market research analysts. These market research analysts are also providing useful information to businessmen about their competitors. Artificial intelligence has also started to replace human beings from this job. Its reason is that artificial intelligence can compile information more accurately and easily. For this reason, GrowthBot is the best market research analyst these days. Its reason is that it can easily analyze information of nearby businesses and it can also take an overview of the competitors too. That’s why we can say that human being will be completely replaced by these kinds of jobs till 2035.

Insurance Industry Workers:

There are millions of insurance industry workers all around the world. Till 2035, only a small percentage of insurance workers will be left. Its reason is that if insurance companies rely on human workers till 2035, it will be difficult for them to handle their business because these human workers will be costly for them than artificial intelligence. Japanese insurance companies have also replaced a human being with artificial intelligence. As a result, this company is able to boost up its productivity level up to 30%. It is expected that if you install artificial intelligence machines just to calculate payments, you will be able to save up to 1.3 million dollars.


No doubt, it is an odd concept but AI will also replace lots of jobs of human workers in the field of farming. In recent days, we can see that farmers can easily install automated milking systems in their dairy farms but it is just beginning. In the future, it is also expected that there will be some machines that will be able to pick apples, to weed gardens and to take care of lots of time-consuming tasks. In order words, we can say that till 2035, we will be able to design such machines that will be able to perform all farming tasks.

Taxi Drivers:

Next age will be the age of driverless vehicles. Therefore, there will be no place of taxi drivers in these driverless vehicles. The most important benefit of these driverless vehicles will be such that these autonomous vehicles will reduce the chances of accidents. Its reason is that there are two possible ways of accidents. First is known as human error and second is known as over speed. These driverless cars will be free from drivers. It means that there will be no chance of human errors. Secondly, these vehicles will follow only those instructions that are installed in them. Before launching any vehicle, the companies will have to ensure that they have set particular speed in the programming of these vehicles and these vehicles will not be able to exceed the limited speed. There will be GPS systems and some other sensors in these vehicles. These GPS systems and sensors will also be helpful for these vehicles to save them from accidents.

Along with these jobs, some other jobs like journalists, factory workers and accountants are also at high risk due to artificial intelligence.

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