How To Cook Chicken 65? Step-By-Step Recipe

Chicken 65 has become a popular recipe. The chicken pieces are crisp and full of juiciness and flavour in every bite. This delicious recipe finds its roots in South India. You do not require too many ingredients to prepare Chicken 65. Boneless chicken pieces, basic spices and herbs, and some vegetable oil are all you need to prepare restaurant-style Chicken 65 at home. The recipe goes like this:

  • Take a big bowl, transfer boneless chicken pieces, and add spices. Add red chilli powder, turmeric, garam masala, and salt to taste. 
  • Add some ginger-garlic paste, finely chopped curry leaves, four tablespoons of curd, and squeeze some lime juice. 
  • Marinate the chicken 65 boneless pieces for at least 30 minutes to an hour. 
  • When you prepare to fry the chicken pieces, add some corn and rice flour to the bowl as per the quantity of chicken. 
  • Mix all ingredients well till all chicken pieces are finely coated with the flour. 
  • Now, crack open one egg white, or you can choose to add some curd to the bowl and mix it well. 
  • If you feel the mixture has become too tight. Consider adding a few drops of water so you can stir it easily. 
  • Add oil to a pan and let it heat on a medium flame. Once you feel the oil has reached the right cooking temperature, drop a small portion of the batter to check. The batter should resurface to the top without turning brown. If it does not, you need to heat the oil for a little longer. 
  • Drop the boneless chicken pieces into the pan one by one. Cook the boneless chicken pieces in smaller batches to avoid a cluster. 
  • Once you gently drop the chicken pieces in the pan, do not touch or stir them for at least two minutes. This allows the coating to stick on for a while.
  • Continue cooking the pieces on a medium flame until the chicken pieces look crisp and brown. This could take up to a few minutes. Remember, the cooking time varies depending on the intensity of the heat supplied for cooking.  
  • Now, transfer the cooked chicken 65 boneless pieces to a plate and absorb their excessive oil using a paper napkin. 
  • Take another pan or use the same pan to fry curry leaves and chillies. Use a strainer to do this so the leaves do not get over-fried. 
  • Once the curry leaves and chillies are all fried, transfer them to the bowl of chicken pieces. Churn up everything and plate it well for serving. 

We are sure your mouth would be watering just by thinking of crisp and the palatable taste of the chicken. So, head online, look for the meat online combo packs, and try out the recipe today! 


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