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All official works need to be properly documented. Wherever you go you need to submit proper documents which can help to track the process as well help you for future references. While there are so many documents to be submitted, it is very much essential that the documents are correct, valid, and genuine. But when you visit an office, you can find hundreds like you waiting for their turn to process their requirement having a file full of documents in their hand. So imagine, the officials have to deal with almost thousands of documents on an everyday basis. Will they have time to check if a document is genuine or not? Who will take the responsibility for duplicate documents? Therefore there is something called certificate attestation which certifies a document is very much authentic.

So what is a certificate or Embassy attestation? Just like all the official processes, immigration to different countries also requires the submission of various documents. The required documents are first verified locally then sent to MEA and when everything is right, the documents go for Embassy attestation. For example, you completed your graduation from ICAI and want to pursue your masters in Canada. For that, you need an ICAI transcript for your graduation course. You will also need a certificate from WES for Canada. So these documents will need to get attested locally first. ICAI transcript will get first attested from issuing authority from ICAI. Then it will be sent to MEA and then finally for Embassy attestation. Similarly, all your required documents will get attested.

You must be wondering it is necessary or what is the need for Embassy attestation? It’s necessary for security, detection of forgery, and preventing future losses to both applying party and the country. Imagine you submitted all the documents paid all the fees for your destination university and suddenly you get to know that your documents are not genuine and your application is cancelled. What would you do? In such cases, documents that have gone through embassy attestation can be checked thoroughly. Your ICAI transcript will be checked for attestation at every stage. Your certificate from WES for Canada will be checked. So if there is any problem at any point, it can be easily caught and rectified. Basically, it becomes the responsibility of issuing authority and attestation authority and not yours. Therefore you can focus on your work rather than handling documentations genuineness.

Now, who does certificate attestation? For people going abroad, embassy attestation is the final step. Before that, the document is verified at every step right from issuing department to the embassy. So an ICAI transcript will be first attested by issuing department. Then it will go to the state department which will send them to officials of MEA. After being verified by these officials it will be finally sent to Embassy for final attestation. Similarly, your certificate from WES for Canada will also go through each step. First from WES issuing officials then at Embassy at last.

Want to get your documents attested? How to get Embassy attestation done? Embassy attestation can be a long and complicated process. After you have got your ICAI transcript and assessment report from WES for Canada, you can send the MEA attested documents to the embassy. Since it can be time-consuming to visit the office, it is recommended that you contact embassy attestation services for your attestation requirement.

So I believe you must have now understood why it is important for everyone to get embassy attestation of documents. It not only prevents future headaches but also helps keep documents in an organized manner for future reference.

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