CBD Tinctures and CBD Oils

The difference between CBD Tinctures and CBD Oils

There is a strong reason why CBD has grown from the hype in the social media and wellness community into a multimillion industry nowadays. By offering a solution to such severe problems as inflammations, insomnia, anxiety, and much more without the illegal “high” effect, CBD nowadays re-opened the door for Cannabis to the mainstream healthcare and beauty industries. Even more, CBD is also widely applied in pet care, where CBD Oils and Tinctures help animals overcome such common problems as anxiety, aggression, and even seizures and stress. So don`t be surprised next time you see CBD Packages in a local pet shop.

So if you have decided to build your business around CBD products nowadays, you might have found your million dollar idea! Still, it is important to understand the nature and effect of different CBD products as well as see the difference between them to offer and promote your brand properly.

CBD Tinctures and CBD Oils are among the most popular CBD products nowadays. They all have their proven positive effect and reputation, both are known to have a significant therapeutic effect, both have quite an attractive custom CBD packages. So what is the difference between them, and is there any point to create both CBD oil and CBD tinctures for your brand?

To understand it, let`s go through the basic characteristics of both.

  • Base. As you may understand from the name itself, CBD Oils have an Oil base, while Tinctures are based on alcohol. Nevertheless, the theoretical effects of both products in inflammations, anxiety, stress, etc are the same. Therefore from the point of the carrier/base nature, the choice is focused on the alcohol part of the tincture
  • Ingestion. Every CBD Oil Package will tell you that it is strongly recommended to avoid ingesting any kind of oils, therefore the most common way to use CBD Oils is through a vape. At the same time, CBD Tinctures may easily be mixed with food
  • Taste. Not only CBD Oils should not be taken orally due to numerous side-effects in eating any kinds of oils, but they also have quite an unpleasant aftertaste which you won`t be able to get rid of for a long time. At the same time, in your local health shop or any online store, you shall find lots of CBD Tincture packages with various tastes such as vanilla, chocolate, fruits, etc
  • Shelf life. Again, the key lies in the basic element. Due to the alcohol base, CBD Tinctures have a much longer shelf life. An expired CBD Oild may be spotted as soon as it becomes muddy or cloudy. Anyway, to extend the shelf life of any CBD product you should pay attention to its packaging. Quality CBD Packaging should not only protect the product from physical damage but be a secure barrier from the UV lights – the most common hazard for both CBD Tinctures and CBD Oils.

When you start your CBD Company it is important to pay attention to every detail. The choice of the product line is one of them. Choosing and developing your products carefully and responsively will help you build a certainly credible reputation among customers. But it is not only the product itself that you are planning to sell but the overall experience, the atmosphere created by your brand. For example, CBD Box Factory – a packaging company that specializes in manufacturing packaging exclusively for the CBD businesses, claims that the CBD industry simply does not forgive mistakes. Still being connected with numerous stigmas and prejudice in modern society, CBD products have to do double work to get recognized by customers, beauty, and healthcare experts. Therefore right now CBD Industry looks more like a community of ambitious entrepreneurs willing to build a strong and stable market. 

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