Difference Between SEO and SEM – Click Here to Get Complete Information

Difference Between SEO and SEM – Click Here to Get Complete Information

Most of the people find it difficult to find the difference between these terms as both are associated with search engine marketing.  Both the processes have the same objective to enhance your online presence or visibility in search engines.

Difference Between SEO and SEM

Difference Between SEO and SEM

What is SEO?

This is a major component of digital marketing and way to get your business listed in search rankings of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. The main focus of this process is to get visitors to your website via organic or free listings of search engines. This is natural or organic result-oriented process where a good SEO company use the white hat SEO techniques to make your business visible in search listings.

This comprise of On page and Off page SEO techniques that are widely used to make the business website user and search engine friendly.

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SEO is a Part of SEM:

SEO is a Part of SEM

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is the process to optimize your website for search engines and make it capable to get better rankings in SERP. But SEM is goes beyond this process. SEM involves various other tactics to get you to the top SERP ranking and enhance visibility like PPC.

PPC advertising is the main component of the SEM that is used to make your brand popular quickly by investing some bucks on PPC advertisement.  You can buy ad space for showing your website in sponsored listing results.

SEO is the process to get free traffic from the search engines and optimize site for search engines. If you use some processes to optimize your site for search engines that crawlers and googlebot will understand the content of your website easily and there may be the chances you get good ranking in major search engine result pages.

SEO is further has two component including On Page and Off Page. On page SEO is associated with the changes applied to your own website or blog to make it user and search engine friendly like content, good description, title, meta tags, short URLs, H1 tags and much more.

OFF Page SEO is associated with the processes that are used to get more votes for your website from other online or digital sources. It helps enhance the reliability and trust of visitors in your brand. Some Off Page SEO techniques include classified ad submission, bookmarking, directory submission, article, press release, blog post, guest posting, forum posting and much more.

On the other hand SEM is more than SEO. It is done to get more visitors to your site via paid or free results. It is to enhance more visibility of your business in major search engine. You can buy advertising space to get more exposure via paid search results. You can be appeared on the top of the search engine result pages by buying the ad space. Google Adwords is the main and most popular advertising agency that allows you research keywords and run ad campaign for your business.

SEM traffic is considered as the most important traffic as it is targeted, so if you get any click on your ad and website visit, then chances of conversion are more. SEM traffic is more valuable as only relevant visitor visit the site after clicking the ad.

This is the basic difference in between SEO and SEM. You can use both the approaches to get the traffic to your site. They both are the ways to enhance visibility in search engines. The more you get online exposure, the more you will get traffic.

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Stands for Search Engine Marketing Stands for Search Engine Optimization
Generate traffic via paid methods Enhance organic search engine rankings
Get targeted traffic via PPC advertising Drive traffic via unpaid method
This is a broad term and superset of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It is part of Search engine marketing
Paid Long term results via free or organic results

What lies beyond SEM?

No doubt, SEM drives traffic via paid results that may be quick but these are not long term. All digital marketing approaches are required to turn any business to brand.  SEO is to drive long term organic results and boost brand awareness.  If visitor comes to your website via search channels, the conversion rates will be high. It ensures high term returns however this is costly to maintain. On the SEM have its own pros as it brings targeted visitors and efficient results.

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