Body Goals

Tips in Achieving Your Body Goals in 2019

In 2019, body goals can mean different things for other people. For overweight people, it simply means losing a couple of pounds in a fun and effective manner at the best gym in the Philippines. An already healthy person, on the other hand, may want to achieve more muscle definition. A body goal is not just one type of body you see in social media or an ideal. Your goal should only be for you and should be something you can realistically achieve based on your circumstances.

Body Goals
One thing everyone should know is that achieving them requires a long-term commitment. This means no shortcuts such as laxatives and fad diets. When you change things in your routine bit by bit, you are taking one step closer to your dream.
Whatever your body goal may be in 2019, these tips may bring only bring changes to your physique, but you’re assured that these changes will definitely last all year as well.

Eat more vegetables

Eat healthily

People, like will easily eat protein sources such as meat and carbohydrate-rich foods like rice. They simply taste too good to resist. Yet, so many of us cringe at thought of eating leafy greens, orange carrots, and red bell peppers at every meal. Vegetables, despite not tasting very delicious, is essential to anyone who wants to reach their body goals.

They can be very useful to you because of they essentially low calorie but filling foods. People easily give up on their dreams because first, they find it too difficult to control their portion sizes, and this is most likely due to eating foods which are not filling. Vegetables, on the other hand, will make your full fast because they hold a lot of fiber and water.

A second reason why people give up on their body goals is that they seem to be gaining weight no matter how much they lessen their intake of food. This is because every dish they eat is high in calories, even when consumed in small amounts. High-calories meals include buttery meats and creamy kinds of pasta.
It is important you eat fewer calories if you want to improve the way you look, but those calories should come from foods that also have a lot of nutrients. Vegetables may be low in calories, but you won’t feel tired because they have iron, vitamin a, and other nutrients to fuel your body for the day.

Cut out simple carbohydrates

Body Goals health

Despite what a lot of people will say, carbohydrates in itself is not a diet evil. Eliminating these nutrients from your diet will lead to your body being starved of fuel for different organs because they need glucose from those carbohydrates. The body will break down them down into glucose before they move throughout your blood. As they move through your blood, the glucose is fueling your central nervous system, kidney and other internal organs.

The problem is most people eat the wrong type of carbohydrates, which as the simple ones. The simple ones are highly processed, and during the process, the other important nutrients went along with them in the beginning also get removed.
Simple carbohydrate items include goods with white flour and drinks with high amounts of sugar.

The main reason for consuming these foods and drinks on a regular basis makes it harder for you to reach your goals because one, white flour foods don’t have fiber. You need fiber to feel full of these type of foods. Since there isn’t, you will consume white loaves of bread and pasta in a higher amount than fiber-rich foods like whole wheat bread. You consume more calories, in the end, meaning you gain more weight.

Two, drinks with high amounts of sugars can make you fatter because they mess with your insulin and leptin hormones. When insulin levels reach chronic levels, because your pancreas has to process so much glucose from the sugar you eat, a part of those simple carbohydrates get turned into fat. This is because even if you have a lot of potential energy for activities, you don’t need it and it becomes nothing more than fat. Leptin, on the other hand, is the hormone responsible for telling your body it is full so you consume less fat. Unfortunately, fructose, a type of sugar, is resistant to it and you end drinking more of it than you should.

Stick to an exercise routine


Body Goals health

An exercise routine is important for reaching your body goals because first, it turns fat calories that were just lying in your body into external energy. Second, you build muscle which makes you burn calories faster even when sitting down. Third, it reduces your unhealthy cravings because exercising makes you crave more nutrients and materials. Lastly, physical activity keeps your body functions in tip-top shape so there is no health problem stopping you from reaching your goals.

So you stick to a regular routine, find the best gym in the Philippines for you. Find one that has most fun classes, equipment, and company.

Key Takeaway:

2019 demands change from us, and many people decide to change by challenging themselves with their own body goals. No matter what body goal you aim to reach, it is a dream that takes a lot of commitment because taking shortcuts is very unhealthy. These tips will require a lot of commitment from you, but in return, the results you gain will also be long-lasting as well.

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